Found Disc Return


Hi folks.  I got a call from a gentleman named Ryan on a disc I lost at Adair a few months! ago.  I asked him to return it to a club member and mentioned a few names of some of you who know me and see me at tournaments a few times a year, and he agreed to do so, and said he knew the "club boys".  He specifically mentioned KC, and really emphasized "boys".....I dunno.


Anyway, I thank you in advance if he hands it off to you and you are willing to hold on to it for me until the Calapooia, or the EC or the WO and help it get back to me.  I think some Eugene guys will be at the Wash too, if it turns up real soon.  If you throw this guy a few bucks or a beer I will gladly pay you back!  Thanks!


-Matt Benotsch

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