Re: Work Party the last weekend of July

Greg Johnson

Agreed.  Isn't there a little gravel left?
Do we have any materials for reconstructing tree protectors?  I will try to note during the wash which ones are most needed and which have some reusable material.  We might need to wait on this as well.  

--- On Wed, 7/11/12, Everett Kaser wrote:

From: Everett Kaser
Subject: Re: [wdgc] Work Party the last weekend of July
To: "Nathan Sexton" Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 1:02 PM

Nathan wrote...
> I would like to have another big work party either Saturday July 28th or
> Sunday July 29th. Should I order more chips and or gravel through the parks
> or do we need to save up some money first?

Saturday would be best for me, as I'll be busy on Sunday, I think.

We may want to hold off on ordering more gravel, since the club's
funds are a bit extended right now. Wood chips have usually been free,
when we can get them.


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