Re: Work Party the last weekend of July


Greg wrote...
Isn't there a little gravel left?
A little pile, good for putting in front of tees, or patching
up SMALL spots on paths, but there's not a whole lot left there.

Do we have any materials for reconstructing tree protectors?  I
will try to note during the wash which ones are most needed and
which have some reusable material.  We might need to wait on this as well.  
Yes, Dr. Bob dropped off some boards that are laying on the chip pile
behind tee #3, and also there is one or two boards still useable for
repairing/rebuilding the tree protector on #8. All we need is a little
rope and some stain (for Dr. Bob's boards). Jay had the remains of
the can of stain that he'd bought several years back.

NATE: maybe you can check with Jay and see if he still has the can,
and can tell you where it's at. He might also still have some of the
rope left that he was using on tree protectors a couple of years ago.
If not, I can get 20-30 feet of rope easy enough.


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