The Wash X is ready!!!!

Eric Smith

Wow, I may have overdone it with the prizes a little. I just did a quick count and I have around 200 and all of these prizes were donated by local businesses.


Some raffle prize highlights include;


Multiple $25, $30, $50 and $100 gift certificates.

Two “OSU Lilies”.

A box of dog goodies.

An adult only hand carved ash tray from a friend currently living in Thailand (this will be explained at the event).

2 Portland Timbers scarves and  tickets (you will be going with Ted and participation in the Timber army craziness is required)


The prizes for the random drawing are many as usual.


We have a bunch of food including burgers, sun burgers, hot dogs, cookies, and probably some other stuff ( I don’t know, that’s not my department) my mom’s potato salad will also be there but none of you are allowed to have any, it’s all MINE!!!!! Ok, you can have some.


I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Yee Haa, let’s do this.


Eric Smith

(541) 740-9535



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