Festivus Registration

Greg Johnson

Hi club members and subscribers to the WDGC Yahoo groups forum.  I'm also ending this to a discgolf mailing list tht I have in my Yahoo account but it has not been updated in a while.  I apologize for duplication.  You will be the first to receive this and I will try to get posts out on disc golf scene if I can figure out how to recover my password and login to post as well as the NW Disc Golf Forum. 

Everett can you post the attached registration form with a note about the tournament on our club website?

You will notice that I'm going without online registration this year due mainly to some new challenges with using the service from 4discgolf.com.

They have decided that they require W9 tax forms to be provided to them and they will issue 1099 statements which also go to the IRS.  While they claim that there should be no consequence if tournament records show everything is paid out, I cannot trust the IRS to accept that and I'm not willing to risk triggering an audit to find out what they will accept.  Since the club does not have a separate tax ID # and is not set up as a legal entity in the State or Oregon or at the Federal level, it would all go under my SSN which is also associated with the club's US Bank account.  As with our experience several years ago selling discs to the city for summer library program, I would get taxed on the amounts as personal income and there is no where I could report tournament costs as a tax deduction. 

So please bring your registrations to the January 6th club meeting at 6:00pm at Woodstocks Pizza or mail them to me.  You can also contact me to make other arrangements to get in your prepaid registrations.  I work at HP in Corvallis but I'm off work until Jan 2nd.

I have arranged for John Kinder to make trophies again, but will have him make more coffee mug sized trophies, rather than beer steins and large tumblers.

Best regards,

Greg Johnson
21044 Blodgett Road
Blodgett, OR 97326

P.S. With help from Kelly I have installed mats on many of the holes on the Blodgett course which is quite playable with the snow storm beating down all the fallen leaves.

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