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Bill Gaskill

There you go again Jay, harping on my overzealous whacking of snowberry bushes on hole 9!! That was years ago man, give it a rest! :-)  har

I must admit, I do have some zeal at times that is hard to contain..though my children and the years seem to be siphoning some of it off.

I see what Greg is saying about the three options.  It would be difficult to get a 2/3 majority with more options diluting the vote.

would it fit the spirit of the bylaws to boil the vote down to one of those options, then propose another vote yea/nay for whichever one gets a (run of the mill, not 2/3) majority?  In this particular case, I think we needed those options on the table up front.

a lot of ado for an old, (mostly) dead potential energy having, overhead hazard being, frequent shot "adjusting" old boner tree...

...but great we have such an organization of passionate folks who care deeply about such things and are willing to participate in a democratic process to benefit the community in the best way.


On Feb 15, 2014 10:57 PM, "Bill Gaskill" <billgaskill@...> wrote:

I'll see if I can put a ribbon around it to    get a visual of a decent cut.  then I'll post photo of it.  I'll do that before doubles.

btw...doubles tomorrow, adair, 11am.

thread hijacked...



On Feb 15, 2014 10:49 PM, "Greg Johnson" <discgolfgreg@...> wrote:

There are actually very few club members paid up for 2014, since President's Cup was delayed, they didn't today.  I need to put that list together at least what I have from the last 2 club meetings.  There were some later ones last year that still count too.

Thanks Jay for the recap of the voting rules.  With that, what to do with the log on 10 needs to be restructured to a yes/no vote.  What was originally proposed was 1/2 way. Those that voted to get rid of the whole thing should update our votes.  I vote in favor of cutting it 1/2 way and trying it that way for a while.

On Saturday, February 15, 2014 9:36 PM, Dion Arlyn <dionarlyn@...> wrote:
How many of our active membership have participated in the voting process? I have abstained purely because I am not a current member...
On Feb 15, 2014 9:25 PM, "Jay Sexton" <hexagon@...> wrote:
WDGC folk,
Copied below are the course modifications sections of the WDGC by-laws.

I wanted to call to our attention the requirement for 2/3 majority
approval for major modification of the course. The purpose being that
modifications should be clearly seen as advantageous by a majority of the

Attached are the entire WDGC by-laws for anyone interested.


Modifications of the Course:
There will be a formal process for major modifications of a Disc Golf
Course that the WDGC oversees. This process may be modified for specific
courses in cooperation with the course owning entity.

Major Modifications
Major Modifications are changes which fundamentally effect the play on a
hole and include changes in tee locations, basket locations, fairway
design, path routes, standing course rules (OB or mandos), and signage.
Additionally vegetation removal or branch trimming of trees or shrubs
which physically or psychologically effect the play of any hole shall be
considered a major modification.

Vigilante or rogue vegetation removal is a serious threat to the continued
quality of play on a course and should be discouraged though outreach and
publication of the course modification process.

The process for major modification is as follows:
The proposal is discussed at a WDGC meeting and the details of the change
are described. Markings are placed on the course to describe the proposed
change and the proposed change is publicized through email, including the
time and date of any “on-site” WDGC discussion meeting, and a detailed
explanation of the change and the meaning of any markings on the course.
Photographs placed on the website may help members visualize the proposal.
No sooner than two weeks after the WDGC meeting at which the proposal was
made the club shall vote on the proposal – with provisions for absentee
voting. Two-thirds majority of those members voting is required for a
proposal to be accepted, as the proposal must be clearly seen to be
advantageous by a strong majority. If passed by the membership the
proposal is brought to the course owning entity for their approval – after
which the work is carried out by the membership under the organization of
the course greenskeeper.

Minor Modifications
Minor Modifications include maintenance or improvements to paths, benches,
drainage, clearing or thinning of minor vegetation which rarely effects
discs in flight, replacement of damaged trees or shrubs, plantings of
vegetation to improve the beauty or ecological function of the course

The course greenskeeper organizes these minor modifications, usually after
discussion at a monthly WDGC meeting. Minor modifications may be
authorized by the course greenkeeper during work parties or other
maintenance activities.

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