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Bill Gaskill

I promise, nothing to do with bt...

can't let this stand though: 

"Nate's recent hole lengthenings, which is only a plus for the LONG
throwers, not for those who appreciate a more moderate, more technical game"

I gotta back Nate's careful design philosophy here.  Both of the new longer holes (6 and 11) are about placement in the long positions, and favor a technical thrower.  They are both true masters par 4s in my opinion.  neither one requires or favors a big arm over a well placed fairway drive.  

I also need to quit being so contrary.  I quit drinking beer last week.  it's making me grumpy.


On Feb 17, 2014 7:54 PM, "Bill Gaskill" <billgaskill@...> wrote:

oh, I'm just getting started!!!!

....uh....nope, I'm done.

Rock the Vote!

...ok, seriously, not another word.


On Feb 17, 2014 7:49 PM, "Eric Smith" <inspectorsmith@...> wrote:

Billy……GOT IT.


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First of all, let me totally and wholeheartedly agree with you regarding flippant removal of "shrubbery".  I've always appreciated your passion and fire to get after rogue trimmers, Everett.

"yet you're
arguing that #10 needs to be made more backhand-friendly"

no, wasn't arguing that, I was just saying that I didn't think cutting or refraining from cutting the bt should have anything to do with "handedness of throw".

My arguments for at least "giving it a trim" are thus:

1.  The bt is a potential energy laden overhead hazard that could (however statistically unlikely) kill or maim someone.

2.  The bt DOES make the shot more difficult, at least in the center and right pin positions, but (imho) DOESN'T do it in a very interesting way- rather an annoying one. (a counterpoint would be the arching "connor tree" over the entrance of the second fairway of hole 11)... certain shots are limited, but it's not in the way of a well thrown shot down the fairway.  The bt has been known to drop many a "well thrown shot".

I realize a lot of this is subjective and boils down to opinion and playing style, as you said.  Hell, I've argued passionately to KEEP the bt around, in the don't take me too seriously(like any of you would- har!)

oh boy, I've really gotten myself in deep.  Kim's mad now. 

I recant.  let's instead rubberize it like that "Bodies" exhibit from china, give it a light carbon fiber core...boom, safety issue solved, and it'll be there forever!

...Or we could just put it to vote



Bill wrote...
>> I would disagree with that assessment Mike. I think a course should have
>> a balance overall, but there can be definite forehand friendly and definite
>> backhand friendly holes.

Bill wrote...
> Also (not to over state my case), but I would also argue that hole 10 has
> (2) forehand friendly pin positions (the berm, and right position) and only
> (1) backhand friendly one (straight), boner tree or none.

> I know it's one hole I step up to regularly and think "ok, I need to start
> working on my (non-existent) forehand"

Oops. Overstated your case. :-) Your first post confirmed your
belief that the course should have some predominantly forehand-friendly
holes, and your second post confirms that #10 is such, and yet you're
arguing that #10 needs to be made more backhand-friendly?

My biggest problem with course changes, over the past 10+ years that
I've been playing (and predominantly at Adair), is that the course
has steadily been getting nothing but easier (with the exception of
Nate's recent hole lengthenings, which is only a plus for the LONG
throwers, not for those who appreciate a more moderate, more technical
game), due to both intentional changes as well as outlaw limb, brush
and tree cutting.

Which is why I drag my feet firmly at most (not all, but most)
suggestions to cut more things that can't ever be replaced.


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