Re: Oregon Sheriffs Association stickers defacing Adair tee signs

Bill Gaskill

Ok, maybe I got a little excited about a few stickers...

you know how I can get. 

anyway, I wanted to share a counterpoint.  Last time I was at Bryant, I was coming out of the woods by hole 16.  There were two elderly women walking a dog by the river.  They stopped and THANKED me.  I asked what for, and they said they've been coming to the park for years, but hadn't felt safe back in the woods until the disc golfers came.  They reported that it used to be only iv drug users and "ner-do-wells" (I didn't ask what that is-didn't want to make them feel old!) who hung out back there. 

I let them know that meant a lot to us to hear that.

Let's not get TOO carried away!


On Mar 7, 2014 9:31 PM, "mike gibson" <disharoonone@...> wrote:

Maybe we can have them cited for litter.

On Friday, March 7, 2014 4:01 PM, Bill Gaskill <billgaskill@...> wrote:
First, let me say that I have no problem with someone promoting a drug free, safe environment for our citizen's to enjoy our local courses.  I'm all for it.  I'm working to get more youth golfers to show up for events I run, and I think that we need to be a good example for younger folks in our sport.

Having said that, I'm not very happy about the Oregon Sheriff's Association stickers that are being placed on the Tee Signs at Adair.  They have an 800 number on them to call to "report marijuana" use.  Some (well meaning?) individual has taken it upon him or herself to plaster these right in the middle of our beautiful Adair tee signs.

This is not cool. It's irresponsible, ignorant, and annoying behavior. It's also, in my opinion, unnecessary vandalism.  Marijuana users in the park have not caused me any problems, EVER.  They don't affect my use of the park in any way.  I take my 3 kids to the park all the time and I've never felt like I needed to shelter them from rogue pot smokers dangerously running about in a state of "reefer madness".  

The stickers annoy the hell out of me, and I suspect that the person littering the course with them has too much time on his hands and needs to find a hobby, other than vandalism.  Hey, how about disc golf?!

I doubt very much that I am reaching the individual responsible for this by posting here. If I am, please stop being such a self-righteous douche bag, and find something better to do with your time.  Also, please get permission from Benton County Parks and/or the WDGC (Willamette Disc Golf Club) before posting ANYTHING on our tee signs.

I've sent a copy of this (maybe a little more professional, without the "douche-bag" moniker) to the Oregon State Sheriff's Association and to Benton County Parks.  

I think as a club, we should be on the side of promoting a safe, drug free environment on the courses we oversee.  There's a good way to do that and then there's this sort of crap.  I appreciate all of you who do so much for the community through the WDGC and Benton County Parks.

Thanks guys,

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