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Greg Johnson

I saw the great work done as of Thursday. Awesome to hear work has been done to grind stumps reducing trip hazards. I have permanently damaged a couple of pairs of shoes over the years catching a toe wrong on those woods holes! A distant 2nd to poison oak but one of the worst features of an excellent course. Great work guys!

Greg J

On Jul 23, 2012, at 7:02 PM, Everett Kaser <everett@...> wrote:

For those who haven't seen it, Nate, I, Billy, Connor, and a couple
of other guys who I haven't met the requisite two or three dozen
times in order for me to remember their names... (Nate's friends from
the OSU team) got most of the cutting work done on the new extended
"par 4" #11 position last Thursday (and chipped all of the brush
and limbs) and put the anchor in the ground.

Nate, Billy, and probably some others went out again on Saturday
and ground stumps down (and also on other holes, like #10, #8 and
I don't know where else), spread wood chips on the new #11 fairway
and its walk-out, and edged the walk-out with large limbs. (I think
that walk-out is one of my favorite parts of the course now! :-)

I like the new position, took a par 4 the first game, but it whooped
my butt with a bogie 5 on the second.

Great work, Nate and friends! I REALLY like not tripping over some
of those stumps anymore!!!


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