Re: Looking for Oregon disc's

Greg Johnson

Hey Pat,

That's great enthusiasm.  You would be amazed how many courses are sprouting up around Salem!  I helped put the Willamette Park and Adair courses in over 10 years ago in the Corvallis area and have run tournaments for 15 years.  I have quite a collection of tournament discs but no time soon to evaluate what I'm willing to part with.  I do know a couple of club members that are looking to sell some discs and I'm sure they have some tourney stamped discs that they would be willing to part with.  I'm copying our club yahoogroups message board.

Best regards,

Greg Johnson

On Saturday, April 5, 2014 3:06 PM, Patrick Doak wrote:
Hi, my name is Pat. born and raised in  Salem. Never heard of disc golf. Moved to Oklahoma 5 years ago and disc golf changed my life. Was a fat guy and golf got me off the couch. I'm starting a collection of disc's but all I want are disc's from Oregon. If you have a way to get me any info on disc's for sale, anything used, New all I care about is that they are tournament or event disc's. Thanks for any info you can provide. Thanks again for you time. . PATRICK

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