Re: Squirrels 40th Adair disc golf tournament: Aug. 31st

Greg Johnson

Welcome back to the NW.  Sounds like a fun plan for the Squirrel's party.
Cheers, Greg

On Tuesday, April 8, 2014 8:39 PM, "powelloregon@..." wrote:
Now that I've relocated to the northwest from Georgia I'd like to seek approval from the WDGC to have a very casual 1-round tournament on Sunday Aug. 31st from 10am-2pm before the Squirrels Tavern kicks off their 40th anniversary party at Adair. I ran the disc golf tournament for the 35th and 37th parties but would scale it down and make it more casual this time around.

I envision 18 holes 1 round:
$5 pay in.....all goes toward payout for divisions.
$10 optional Champion-Innova disc with Squirrels custom stamp.  100 will be ordered, making them very rare and collector items for archeologists to dig up at burial sites! Priority of discs goes toward people who have a ticket to the party.

Anyway, flyers would go around town promoting Squirrels, Downward Dog, Calapooia and WDGC, ultimately to bring in more people to the party.

Details can be worked out this summer. however I wanted to plant the seed this far in advance.

Also while I'm at what you did with the hole at Adair on the road (hole 11?) great to see we are "pushing" the course and making it more extended. You should feel very in the Tri-cities area in Washington, while they try and have a few decent courses...they falter in organization versus WDGC. I told them Everett could be rented out for logistics at $8.99/hr. and Craig Banner could be rented out for sexual favors at $2.99/hr. 

Viva la Beavers,

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