Re: Squirrels 40th Adair disc golf tournament: Aug. 31st

Bill Gaskill

"Banner could be rented out for sexual favors at $2.99/hr"

Dammit, I knew he was over charging me!

On Apr 9, 2014 7:11 AM, "Everett Kaser" <everett@...> wrote:

Powelloregon wrote...
> Also while I'm at what you did with the hole at Adair on
> the road (hole 11?) great to see we are "pushing" the course and
> making it more extended. You should feel very in the
> Tri-cities area in Washington, while they try and have a few decent
> courses...they falter in organization versus WDGC. I told them
> Everett could be rented out for logistics at $8.99/hr. and Craig
> Banner could be rented out for sexual favors at $2.99/hr.

I'm no longer the Adair Greenskeeper, that mantle was passed first to
Jay Sexton, and then to Nate Sexton, and while I DID help with the
labor of pushing that hole into the woods, it was all Nate that pushed
the idea and organized it (as well as the extensions to holes 4 and 6).

So, the hourly rate for my services has gone up significantly.
However, you're spot-on about Craig Banner...


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