Re: LBCC In-Service Disc Golf Clinic

Greg Johnson

I have done some checking on baskets but was focused on the DGA variety.  Mach II's like we have at Adair and Willamette not be available anymore.  They make Mach II portables which have a 2 piece pole, like a DB-5 I guess. 

Mach Vs run about $50 less than Mach IIis which come with the number plate.  $340/$390 at, $30 less for no frills.  Portable priced the same at the deluxe all the parts for installing in the ground.

Powder coating costs another $50 per basket.  Blue Sparkle and Orange Glaze are the standard colors.

I have not contacted anyone yet about getting pricing for 9 or more baskets.

Discraft makes a Chainstar which looks pretty good but they were $420 each one place I saw them.

Greg J

On Monday, April 21, 2014 10:40 AM, "mikestorrs@..." wrote:
The Disc Golf clinic was a moderate success. Billy was able to drop off a basket that we eventually used as hole one since the course is still all tone poles. Nate and Bri showed up and helped a lot with the first session. The majority who attended where ladies and I think Bri was able to be a great role model for them. My biggest props go out to Everett. He helped set up and tear down and had great advice for all of the participants. It was only a moderate success because the wind picked up and the rain never really stopped. 

The school is interested in obtaining baskets so I will keep you informed as that progresses.


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