Re: Someone stole my bag


mikestorrs wrote...
Well that was quick.  I got it all back. The dumb ass walked in to
play it again today and tried selling some of my discs. Scott Smith
saw the mini from nate and bri's wedding and knew it was my stuff
but he didn't have the bag or the VW disc. Scott convinced the guy
to go back and bring everything in and then Scott called me. 
I was there when the dumb ass came back. I wanted to pound the guy
but he swore he didn't do it.  He had walked up without a car so we
didn't have a licence plate number to give the cops. An action
sequence insued because we followed the guy when he left. He walked
towards a guy in a vehicle parked a block away. Long story short,
the police now know about an early 90's model black Honda passport
licence plate 836-FBX. The cops think they know the guy. 
Yay! There are days when I'm POSITIVE I can't be surprised any
further by the stupidity of my fellow humans, but I swear, it's a
rare day that I'm not surprised. If we must be surrounded by holes,
may they all be dumb ass holes!


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