Re: Go Nate!

Bill Gaskill

I'm kicking myself for not taking a video of Madeleine, Liam, and Charlotte watching Nate rock the  USDGC on our TV...

They wouldn't have been as animated watching the civil war game!

5th place and 3 strokes from victory!! 

Way to go, Nate!

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Hey Gang,

Here is a message from Jay. I couldn't get the link to forward as a
link...but I'm sure you'll figure it out. I watched Nate and Jay yesterday.
They were on the leader card...pretty cool : )


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WDGC folk,

And here is another amazing HD video edited down to 40 minutes of every
shot of the leader card of the USDGC 2nd Round.
Produced in less than 14 hours and posted to Youtube by Marty McGee.
The guy must never sleep.

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