What's Next?

Bill Gaskill

Alright everyone,

I'm feeling pretty darn good.  The hunk of meat-goo that squirted out from between my disc space and settled (excruciatingly painfully) on my C7 nerve root seems to have been finally accepted by the local community.

I don't have much of an excuse at this point to slack off on my disc golf club duties (notwithstanding my dear wife, who loves such slacking)

Anyway, I need to do something.  I'm getting bored, and that's dangerous!  I hear Mike G. is tending to run dubs these days.  Is that a "permanent" position, Mike?

So let me know what you guys think I should focus on.  Does everyone want a Bag Tag League for next year (taking your criticisms to heart, Eric!)?
...or should I turn back to running dubs w/ MikeG?

I'd be willing to do a Bag Tag League that would function as a fundraiser for the club.  I've got a pretty good setup brewing for one that I could outline here if that's of interest.

So, if ya don't mind, give me your vote:

1-Focus on Sunday Doubles
2-Fire up a Bag Tag League as a separate fundraiser for the club.
3-F*** off, I don't like you.


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