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Greg Johnson

Hey Mike I haven't heard back yet from Innova on the availability of the Firebirds.  I need to follow up as they are sold thru a special tour promotions channel

Greg J
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Hi Nate,
I heard you will be sending some flat firebirds for the club to buy--true?
Mike G

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Cut it!!

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Last night, at the April club meeting, we voted again on cutting the leaner log on hole 10. 

The argument for cutting the tree was that it appears to be falling and thus poses a safety threat. Shawn Barry noted that from the tee pad of 10 he can no longer see the long straight placement but he remembers being able to see it under the log. Ergo, the log is slowly dropping. 

The argument for not cutting the tree was almost tongue in cheek (the hole is still playable).

Last night the vote was 14 to cut it and 1 to not cut it. Safety was THE major concern.

Our club by-laws require us to announce this to the club and open voting online for a week so we can collect votes from paid members who were not present to vote. 

Our club by-laws also require a 67% majority of all those who voted for any action (or non-action). The current vote stands at 93% in favor of cutting it.

No vote is anonymous so please reply to this message with your vote.

BTW, the last time we did this was March of last year and the vote was 11 to cut it and 7 to not cut it. 

Mike Storrs

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