Re: Bricks and Sand

John W. Ross <johnr414@...>

I'll get non slip bricks.

One's I've got have five holes, which should provide for drainage.

But we're only going to try some first. They ain't cheap at Habitat at 75 cents each. We need about a hundred of them at CLUB EXPENSE.

Got any other ideas?


On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 3:30 PM, mike gibson <disharoonone@...> wrote:

Some bricks get really slippery.

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Subject: [wdgc] Bricks and Sand

Anybody got a line on used bricks for the tee box fronts at Willamette?

I'll check Habitat for Humanity this morning.

I'll also make sure to have some tee box ends to try at the conclusion of Saturday's workparty.

Input on bricks at will.



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