Re: Testing - but not a test - Membership Renewals?

Greg Johnson

Since we discussed this at the club meeting that there is no membership carryover to the new year.  It makes it tough to have a voting quorum until more memberships are renewed.  Often we have had a President's cup late in the year facilitating some membership renewals.  I collected 2018 membership fees from 3 participants in the club meeting this week at the Tunison Center. 

I looked at my notes from the last few club meetings and I couldn't find where I had taken any in the last quarter which I have always counted toward the next year.  I think I have a printed copy of the membership list from Nov or Dec meeting where I noted a renewal or two but I am not finding it tonight.  I vaguely recall collecting membership from Bear Judge at one of the late 2017 club meetings. I think it was Nate & Brianna too. If anyone feels they have already paid for this year before Monday nights meeting, please jog my memory.  

As for the Tunison Center. I don't know about the sitting in chairs without tables. Didn't work very well for me but there were plenty of other tables to set up if I had got there earlier and actually remembered to drive my vehicle with the club discs in it.

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Greg Johnson
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On Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 10:02:02 PM PST, Everett Kaser <everett@...> wrote:

Bill wrote...
> So this is the new spot for internal club posts?

You got it.  Although this is 'public'.  There's also a subgroup for
VotingMembers, but I don't have the membership list yet from Greg,
so I haven't added current members into that group yet.


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