Willamette Open Emergency!!

Nathan Sexton

Hey Everybody,
  County parks has decided to veto our proposed WOXIV date due to a 200 person wedding at Adair on Saturday July 28th. I talked with them about just not using the shelter but they are worried about the overall strain on the parking and trash bins out there which I can understand. I talked to city parks about possible dates to reschedule to and Willamette is free and clear on:

July 7/8 (Bad Monkey Open)
July 14/15 (Willamette Wash)
Aug 18/19 (Calapooia Classic)
Aug 25/26 (Next Adventure Am Championships)
Sept 1/2 (Hornings Disc Golf Championships) Not sure who is running this or how big it will be
Sept 8/9 (Crystal Mountain WA, Possibly Eugene Celebration)
Sept 15/16 (ORDGC)
Sept 29/30

It may be possible to convince parks to let us stick to our original weekend if we are contained to the first two parking lots and do not go beyond the ball fields. What are the members thoughts? Should we slink back into late September again or should we try to compete with another event?

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