Re: draft agenda for tomorrow's meeting


Kimberly wrote...
I have no idea if I'm up to date on dues. Is there a list someplace we
can check? Are you allowing for out of town voting or is it a "need to
be present to vote situation?"
Greg Johnson is the keeper of the Official List of paid members, since
he's the one that collects the money. There's a Voting Members
sub-group of this WDGC group to which I add members when:
1) Greg notifies me they've paid.
2) They've joined the main WDGC Group.

Obviously you're already a member of the group (since you
posted a message here :-), but you're not currently a member of the
"Voting Members" sub-group, which means that either:
1) You haven't yet paid this year.
2) You have and Greg hasn't notified me.
3) He did notify me and something went wrong somewhere.

I've no clue which possibility it is. Anyway, since I haven't made
it to the last two meetings (but I plan to be at THIS one), I've no
clue if the plan is to have voting AT the meeting, but the plan has
been to ALSO have voting via the "Voting Members" subgroup
where we can easily set up a 'poll' wherein each voting member can
register their vote.


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