I just posted the on-line vote in the VOTING MEMBERS subgroup for
whether to meet at Tunnison Community Center through September. This
is the first vote I've posted there, and I THOUGHT it would include
"WDGC" in the email subject headers, but it doesn't, so the email
you will have received will be just "[VOTING MEMBERS]". That email
contains the link for casting your vote.

Sorry for any confusion.

[Note: only PAID members ($10/year) of the WDGC get to vote. Those
of you who paid your membership dues at the April 2 meeting and
voted there, your votes will still be counted. But I don't have the
list from Greg yet, so those joining at the meeting have not yet
been added to the VOTING MEMBERS sub-group. As soon as I get that
info, I'll add you to the sub-group.]

Best wishes,


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