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Ran into Ranger Bruce at Adair this afternoon, and two things of note:

1) The white flags that are scattered all over the hillside of hole
#13 are there to mark vole holes (ankle breakers). They're using
the pile of sand by the tennis court fence to fill in the vole holes.
So, please don't move or remove the flags.

2) He said "they" are going to be building houses across the road
that the aerodrome parking lot is next to (ie, across the field
from #4 fairway and then across the road), and when they start,
they'll be putting in a sewer line that connects to the sewer
line buried in the #5/#10 berm (probably at the pump station
right at the end of #10, but he wasn't sure). He thought they'd
probably be doing it this summer some time, and when they do,
the woods holes will be closed for the duration.

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