Re: Meeting outside tonight in Tunison Park

Robert Voss


Also, the hunt for a new meeting place has been on my mind. It seems that some folks really want a pizza and beer social hour, and some folks really just want to do business. There are reasons that a busy business with no separate meeting space is not convenient place to fulfill one of these goals, and I feel like there is a compromise that could be made by using a place such as Tunison in the Community Room, where we can bring our own pizza and beer. This has an added benefit of allowing us to have things besides pizza if we would like, and can have any kind of beer instead of a severely limited selection, and it will be cheaper. Further, I believe that the club should furnish the food (not the alcohol) in order to draw more people to the meetings. Free pizza always pulls folks in. It is only one time a month - not so expensive - and if we attract more paid memberships and grow the club, especially the leagues, then it pays for itself in the end anyway. Even if we try to have some fun event prior like the putting, it makes sense to have the meeting and get the business out of the way, and then the social hour can continue from there. There has to be a way that we can all come together for the good of the club and the sport and everyone is happy.

If alcohol consumption is not allowed in that building, then I would be happy to help hunt for a similar place that we could use.


On Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 8:24 AM Robert Voss <slow.draggin@...> wrote:

I forgot at the meeting last night that I wanted to propose we support Ben Baker (CCDG) filming the ORDGC this weekend. He has a paypal set up for it. Fun story, all kinds of people said they wouild donate, but then it came time to do so and it looks like maybe 1 in 10 did. As of last night he was still $335 short of the goal for 7 videos. Side benefit, we could get a sponsorship credits in the videos for a very low cost and help get our club name out there a little bit,


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Dress accordingly.

Putting at 6:00pm
Mtg at 7:00pm

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