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Robert Voss

Hello club and at large members!

We are looking forward to 2019 and one of the things to decide on sooner than later is the bag tags. We will be bringing back bag tags to our leagues for those that have them. As well, the tag format will be open ended. We want folks to play for tags when and where they so choose, or not, as the occasion may call for. We will have a 2019 bag tag closer/finale as well, which may tie in with the Willamette Open or President's Cup, depending on how some things play out.

I have never used groups.io for these kinds of things, so please bear with me as I muddle my way through this first attempt.

I have 3 concepts to put out there to vote on (pictures on groups.io site if links do not work). If someone has another option that they feel really needs to be considered, please email me.

Concept 1:
Custom made engraved wood mini with club logo on front and number on back. I did ask about getting them slightly smaller than mini size, so we would likely be looking at about 2.5" rounds. They are multiple time coated so they look good and hold up very well. These would cost an extra $3 each.

Concept 2:
Metal tags that are rounded and smaller. We can get club logo on these and do double sided with number on back. These would cost an extra $2 each, but at least still custom with club logo.

Concept 3:
Metal tags with a bottle opener at one end. These are the generic and cheap ones. We do not get to put on a logo, just the club name and choose a color. It is not a sticker put on there, and they are thick metal, so these are super sturdy (I have one from another club), but do not come with carabiner.

Option 4:
No bag tags. Select this option if you are not interested in bag tags.

Now let's get to voting! I am allowing for multiple selections in case someone really likes 2 of the options, but try to pick only 1 so hopefully we get a clear winner.

Please let me know if you have any questions! My email for the club is robertvoss.wdgc@...


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