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Kelly Christiansen

Sounds like a job for the adair greens keeper if you ask me. So, i went to the HD and bought a 24x120 utility mat and some deck screws.  I cut a 4-5 inch strip and screwed it down to one of the steps. I quickly learned the mat needs to lay flat for awhile or get reverse-rolled as the edges wanted to lift up and needed to many screws. I also learned that i liked the smaller washers.

I'm not certain that this is ideal, but it's not costing much to try. Look for traction action as soon as the roll has relaxed.


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It is good to do some problem solving and to then take action.  Thanks for the reply.


On Fri, Jan 4, 2019 at 7:07 AM Everett Kaser <everett@...> wrote:
Bryce wrote...
> I was recently looking into the problem when I was at Home Depot
> last week. There is a sand paper like abrasive like material that
> can be purchased by the foot but is a bit spendy. I believe there
> are 15 feet per roll. One problem is that they have some adhesive
> backing and need to be put on when the step is dry. Stapling might
> work along with the sticky quality to hold in place.

That might work, but I fear it would get mud on it to the point that
the "sandpaper" quality would be lost. Some type of metal 'grid' or
'strips', with a maybe 1/4" high 'edge' would be more durable and
provide better long-term unslipperinessosity. But I don't
know what might fit that bill.


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