Re: Festivus if Full

Greg Johnson

I think we are doing good on food but the more the merrier.
I don't have anyone lined up for any form of non-alcohol beverages besides my bringing a water cooler.
I have plenty of utensils, bowls, cups, but light on large plates that can handle a sampling of good eats.
Bowls work for many of the dishes. Paper towels? or use golf towels to save a tree.

Here is the registration list follow by a division count summary.  The only divisions that I don't have the 3 player minimum, are the women's divisions. Probably just combine the Pros Women? Pair off to >50 & <50? TBD
14 Pro Masters tied with Open for largest division.  Only 4 Pro GM and Eric's been kicking my butt lately on my home course!

Amber Cochran FA1
Nina Mcdonald FA1
Kimberly Halsey FP40
Amanda Heitkamp FP40
Toni Hoyman FP40
Madison Tomaino FPO
Tyler Blais MA1
Andrew Boyle MA1
Devin Chadwick MA1
Eric Gregory MA1
Sean Martin MA1
Micah Morehead MA1
Joe Nelson MA1
Grant Payne MA1
Kevin Puac MA1
Cole Stover MA1
Jacob Velasco MA1
Andrew Barlow MA2
Austin Bottcher MA2
Phil Dudenhoefer MA2
Rob Dudenhoefer MA2
Nathan Graff MA2
Mckenzy Johnson MA2
Matthew Mansfield MA2
Manny Medina MA2
Sheldon Peterson MA2
Sean Sellers MA2
Josh Warner MA2
Zachary Wertz MA2
David Butkovich MA3
Kevin Carlson MA3
Ronald Cornelison MA3
Donald Kepple MA3
Chad Swanson MA3
Christian Tillotson MA3
Rick Godden MA40
Jason Hill MA40
Mark Martin MA40
Scott Wales MA40
Don Alexander MA50
Darren Carter MA50
Mike Palermo MA50
Larry Peterson MA50
Jonathan Smith MA50
Mark Turley MA50
Bob Burton MA60
Bryce Downey MA60
Gary Erwin MA60
Eugene Fackler MA60
Richard Hervey MA60
Robert Jones MA60
Bear Judge MA60
Dayna Reed MA60
Jeff Balllard MP40
Dan Beaudin MP40
Kelly Christiansen MP40
Jason Demeter MP40
John Diestelow MP40
Crist Garcia MP40
Billy Gaskill MP40
Russell Heitkamp MP40
Kirk McCallister MP40
John Ollis MP40
Jason Pinkal MP40
Jesse Siebel MP40
Mike Storrs MP40
Jesse Tomaino MP40
Greg Johnson MP50
Steve Jones MP50
Jay Sexton MP50
Eric Smith MP50
Sean Delohery MPO
Terran Ferguson MPO
Shane Foreman MPO
Sam Gibson MPO
Justin Joers MPO
Dane Jones MPO
Shaun Kirk MPO
Michael Ray MPO
Tyler Redman MPO
Brad Rich MPO
Devin Ross MPO
Shane Waters MPO
Scott Withers MPO
Parker Wright MPO

FA1 2
FP40 3
MA1 11
MA2 12
MA3 6
MA40 4
MA50 6
MA60 8
MP40 14
MP50 4
MPO 14 wrote:

Hi all,

Festivus is now full. I have closed the on-line registration,
I will try to get out a combined registration list in the next week.
everything is coming together.
I finalized the temporary holes today.
We will avoid the woods holes most players will finish their rounds closer to tournament central.

Thank you everyone
It is so much easier when registrations are complete before the day of the event.

Happy Festivus!


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