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Greg Johnson

Thank you all for the help. More scoring help will be needed next year. Mckenzy won't be around unless I move Festivus to winter break. I will move it to a different weekend. It was last weekend in January for years, Eugene picked this weekend to avoid Festivus conflict originally.
Picture of final scoreboard attached.
Grievances Noted:
I missed writing scrip for MA60. I was starting to wonder why so many silipints were left.
Pretty well organized otherwise.  
I paid out pros 1st b/c the AMs already got Silipints for players packs.
I will try to plan for distinct trophies again next year. For several years I have put at least $100 into the trophies myself. I funded the Silipints this year and need to recalc what the club owes me back.  I think there are 4 or 5 mostly red ones left. Available for $10.
Raffle - really didn't have enough stuff to sell more raffle tickets, then one guy won 2 bags, better to just give the few things away. Anyone who spent more than $5 on raffle tickets and didn't win anything, please contact me or send them to me.

On Sun, Feb 3, 2019 at 7:57 AM, JohnRoss
<johnr414@...> wrote:
I wasn't there for the bitter end--or happy end, depending on your ambition for placement.

So I don't know if the airing of grievances took place--the part where we figure out how to make whatever could be made better, better.

For my part, I could have done better with the fire--starting smaller or skipping the sign-up fire where I saw maybe one or two players taking advantage of the heat. I'll look forward to feedback on that element. I think the lunchtime fire might have gone lightly appreciated and utilized as well. I went off to play and don't know.

And I had to skip the feats of strength on account of not being ready to play this year, which I plan on addressing by next year for sure. My expectations will be high, unwise as I know that to be. But there it is.

So I don't know whether the evening fires I stoked made it through or were properly fed but not overfed as I've done in past years. I look to get that right every year and leave less wood to be hauled away or put out at the end of the night. I apologize for not being present for that activity. I was worn out and had to retreat to my cave.

The more condensed layout seemed to produce more compact round times and I dearly loved the playing with your buds on the first round for social purposes. The second, Calapooia-lubricated, round maybe takes a bit longer so problem alleviated maybe?

The setup seemed more streamlined and players were cut loose close to the 9 a.m. start shortly after. The field seemed thinner than usual, but maybe because I was standing on the outside and play didn't come close to the shelter, as it has in years past. 

Hope the food offering was well received and I have thoughts on better preparing Billy Gaskell's gift of marvelous mack and cheese I'll offer in a more targeted email. The COSTCO cookies didn't fly it appeared, but whatever. Surely the beer was as good as ever--lots of flavor and plenty of punch.

End of my grievances contribution. Nothing serious. Always a fun event I look for a more energized competition for spots working around Eugene's Ice Bowl. They need to move that date. Humility looks good on Ducks fan when so rarely exhibited.

Beavers are always humble. I think we're always interested in 1. what folks like about Festivus, 2. what might make it better and 3. what shouldn't be repeated--as an event. Some fools always going to over enjoy Mark Martin's products--though nobody ever passed out from chili, I guess.

My two cents spent or overspent. I like to get my money's worth.

I know people who have a lot of money, and they get testimonial dinners and get hospital wings named after them. But the truth is that nobody in the world loves them. That's the ultimate test of how you have lived your life. The trouble with love is that you can't buy it. You can buy sex. You can buy testimonial dinners. But the only way to get love is to be lovable. It's irritating if you have a lot of money.
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