and WDGC files and records


Per last night's meeting, here's what I've found:

1) Meeting notes: when I originally set up the WDGC group,
one of the things I DID upload to the Files section is a ZIP file
containing ALL of the meeting notes that I had covering the period
from Jan 2008 through Dec 2017. Individual meeting notes are also
there for Jan, Feb, and Mar of 2018. You'll find all of these
in the "Meeting Minutes" folder in the FILES section.
2) Also in the FILES section is a "General Documents" folder in which
I placed the various "club documents" that I had at the time,
including the club Bylaws, insurance policies, our agreement (at
the time) with Benton County Parks regarding Adair, and a PDF
containing disc golf rules and maps of Adair and Willamette
courses. The updated Bylaws (as per last night's meeting) will
need to get uploaded there, as should any new MOU with Benton
County Parks.
3) There are also folders in the FILES section for club HISTORY and
club TOURNAMENTS (neither of which have been kept up-to-date).
4) members who upload files CAN delete the files that THEY
upload, but can NOT delete files uploaded by others (only
moderators can delete other people's files).

Let me know if there's anything else I can clarify about this stuff.


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