Meeting minutes and call for agenda items

Robert Voss

Hello all,

Below are the meeting minutes from February that were posted on Facebook.

This email also serves as a call for agenda items for the March meeting.

The March meeting is March 4 at 6 PM at Woodstock's (odd numbered month). We will primarily go over what has gone on since the January meeting and I will introduce projects that need volunteers to get them going. This is your chance to get involved and make your mark on our beautiful courses by choosing a project that you are excited about and leading it.

Heads up! The April meeting will be after daylight saving time starts, so the meetings will be at 7 PM (during DST).

One other note - memberships are light thus far this year. It is only $10 per year or $15 for the whole family. It is true that the listed benefits of membership are few, but it is a small donation that goes directly to a good cause - your disc golf experience in the valley!

Best regards and see you March 4,

Robert Voss
President, WDGC

WDGC Meeting 2/4/2019

Tunison’s Fire Station Meeting Hall

Attendance: John Ross, Mark Turley, Greg Johnson, Mike Gibson, Kelly Christiansen, Everett Kaser, President Robert Voss, Vice President Richard Hervey, Jay Sexton, Bear Judge, Bryce Downey

Oregon state college teams had events at Adair and Willamette. Team Disc Golf also played locally and said our courses were looking good.

Announcements (Mr. Voss): Upcoming April Fools Doubles will be held Sunday, March 31 at the Willamette course. Forms are available and several were submitted at Festivus.

Minutes from the January general socialistic meeting at Woodstock were approved.

Festivus Celebration debrief (Mr. Johnson): The island hole off the back of old tee 12 was a problem for many, including Mr. Johnson. He stayed away from the woods holes and the muddy terrain. They will likely be back next year in someone format.

Treasurers Report (Mr. Johnson): Club’s net cash just under $2,600, with $195 in refunds to be issued. He also needs to be reimbursed for his purchase of Sili Pints at a total cost of $238 in the Festivus players packs. The club received $190 from Mr. Voss for club memberships accepted at Festivus. He added the Groups IO site needed to be updated to include new memberships.

Presidents Report (Mr. Voss): Woodchips have been contracted for at Adair but thought the club might have to vote on the verbal contract with Corvallis Tree and Lawn. They are offering to drop them if we acknowledge that they are sponsors at our events. Other sponsors have worked with the club similarly in the past. We have listed their sponsorships on our websites and on tournament signs. The club will need permission from Corvallis Parks to put their names out on course signs. Mr. Sexton motioned we approve the arrangement and Mr. Downey seconded. The motion passed with no objection.

• Voting quorums: By Laws list items with some details about votes requiring a quorum of 2/3 making it difficult to pass anything significant. The By Laws amendment language was offered in addition to language adding a Club Vice President and Secretary. Uncertain of the requirement, Mr. Voss said we need to revote on the amendments. Another amendment from Mr. Voss outlines how notification of an upcoming vote happens and what’s required to notify active members and golfers who may wish to participate in future votes by joining. Mr. Sexton motioned we approve with Mr. Kaser’s second. The amendments passed by voice vote with none opposed.

• Amendment changes how we vote and clarifies how members vote happens given imprecise language. Some notification of a pending proposal requiring a vote must be sent out by e-mail to membership. At least one week advance is required so some interested sub group can’t get together and decide their position. We’ll also have to record who votes at meetings to avoid members voting multiple times. Maybe post that a vote is taking place on Facebook with instructions on how to participate. It was noted that we don’t have all current-member one-mail addresses. The By Laws need to clearly reflect that membership shall be notified “by appropriate means” to perhaps be decided by the President with attending members’ approval. There was discussion on whether to include e-mail specific votes. The current president can choose how votes can be submitted. With removal of a second reference to e-mail, a motion by Mr. Kaser, seconded by Mr. Sexton was approved by thumbs up vote as requested by Mr. Hervey. There was no opposition to the amendment as finally drafted.

• Archiving club documents: There’s uncertainty on who’s keeping what documents, such as minutes and contracts, where and in what form. Documents need a specific storage place—maybe on a club cloud drive such as on a Google drive. Documents can be modified by whoever’s authorized unless they are restricted as circulated or perhaps submitted as a PDF. There has never been a consistent method or process for archiving amendments. There could be a specific folder in the public IO group. Mr. Ross and others have some minutes or documents stored that can be collected and archived on the site. Mr. Hervey offered complete copies of last year’s minutes.

• Mr. Downey noted that he attemped to visit a renown disc golf course in Monterey where it had been pulled as the city considered converting the property to a solar power installation. The local club—the Monterey Stinging Jellies—had no formal record of its contract with the city and installed and operated a 27-hole course on a verbal handshake. He said course access was being re-negotiated for lack of hard copy proof and pending insurance and ADA issues. Electronic record keeping may be good enough for us, members generally agreed.

• It was proposed that some documents be open for public view stored the group’s io page and on Google docs, to be handled by Mr. Voss. Any member can go currently into the files section and save files, according to Mr. Kaser. It should be set up so that only that moderators can delete or change files. Mr. Kaser will check his resources for documents to be uploaded. The club Secretary was advised to submit all minutes along with old minutes to the IO site at his earliest convenience.

Adair Greenskeeper’s Report (Mr. Christiansen): Because of Federal government shutdown he has had time to spread bark chips clear blackberries around some trees and supervise some tree cutting in the woods. Mr. Kaser (?) has built a frame in hole 8’s ditch to keep discs out of the water. Some have approved and others less supportive.

He asked if a windfall stump next to Hole six (6) next to the basket can be cut away. The removal was unopposed and advised.

Mr. Christian reported on an upcoming meeting with Laurie Starha, new director of Benton County parks set for Thursday at 8 a.m. Mr. Sexton offered to come, based on his relation with the director. All are looking forward to the meeting. Mr. Christiansen showed a copy of the current agreement with the county. He completed a walkaround with new lead ranger Shane Gallaway who relayed concern about tree protectors that needed to be installed. The county has provided boards to cover high-impact trees along with cords that will be installed during the next work party. The county also provided some stain for boards on the shed. He plans to install at least a couple.

Most importantly he learned that the White Oak grove for holes 15-17 may be pulled eventually due to the reported health of the trees. An arborist from Buena Vista Tree Care reported that a fungus is apparently killing the tree roots. The problem maybe worsened by soil compaction from foot traffic of disc golfers. The oaks do better with lighter, more aerated soil which may be preventive of future spreading of the fungus and tree loss. He would like club support for relocating the holes.

Members agreed the county has been a good partner, historically. Ranger Bruce Bailey will soon retire and Shane will take over. It’s kind of a sad situation. Mr. Kaser and others suggested we should work with parks to alleviate the situation. We should Look it as an opportunity to improve the course with even better locations, perhaps giving up on the White Oak stand. Mr. Ross suggested forming a new committee asap to identify park boundaries and begin the process of selecting new holes for eventual membership approval.

Meeting locations (Mr. Voss): He solicited feedback on how the Woodstock meeting went and what could be better in the current arrangement of even months at Tunison for formal work and at Woodstock’s Pizza for more socializing. Mr. Ross had suggested perhaps more emphasis on club projects and missions as opposed to just an unveiling of a list members were asked to take the initiative to view. We want to continue pattern of providing information on what we are working on. The social meeting should definitely include upcoming club events but avoid any attempt to make important decisions at the larger social meetings. Greenskeeper reports might be good additions for the Woodstock’s meetings.

Agenda Action Items (Various): Mr. Voss noted his announcement that club bag tags are now available for purchase and several had been purchased at Festivus.

He also met with Corvallis Parks last week. He felt them on pending agenda items such as power coating which the city offered to contribute $1,000 toward the project.

An upgrade to the kiosk was also discussed where the club would assume total control and responsibility for what goes behind the Plexiglass cover. He said they wouldn't want any statues for Nate Sexton but would be happy to do whatever we want in the kiosk to recognize the world class achievements of club members.

Furthermore, Mr. Voss is contemplating several potential course modifications and improvements. He is considering a general idea of asking members to pick a project and become a lead for that project, including planning, authorization and assembling resources and support. Projects should not to conflict with Greenskeeper priorities and wishes and should have prior club discussion and city support. Most people, he though, would be willing to put in more time if they engage in and see a project through to completion that they could point to as a concrete achievement.

We could have some information at the kiosk about proposed course modifications and improvements and opportunities to lead or support.

Mr. Downey noted that he’s seen what appear to be unauthorized course modifications, such as a tree removed on the lane down to long hole 11. Ranger Shane may or may not have been making some modifications. The Club needs to think about new hole signage at Adair in the very near future. The sign materials are long in the tooth both for condition and information—especially regarding recently-added hole positions.

Signage will be part of the conversation with both the County and City Parks. The City staff is particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of sponsored tee signs. Former President Shawn Delouhery given chance to see complete the project as he envisioned and has started through to completion. He’s proposing 18 tee signs with $100 local business sponsorships for a total of $1,800 going to City Parks. They were quite enthusiastic about the prospect of income as it helps them generate matching funds for their budget.

The WDGC Invitational in Blodgett is committed for Saturday, April 13 and should hold, according to Mr. Johnson.

In other action items, Mr. Hervey reported that the Membership Survey needs more refining and member feedback before being released for active members.

Checkout: Mr. Johnson took on a new action item on the club mower which is at his house. It needs to get its battery charged and started. He plans to bring to take it by Lige Sexton’s place in Philomath to see if worth repairing. Maybe more is bent than the shaft or deck. It may require parts and be repairable or not. Greg will also look to buy a used hauler Lige has for sale to make available to the club for work parties. It would be possibly stored in the club shed at Adair.

The club may have it’s Christmas party and potluck at the Grange Hall in Philomath. Plans call for raffle prizes and an indoor putting contest.

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