April club meeting minutes

Robert Voss

Meeting minutes, April 1, 2019

Willamette Disc Golf Club


Meeting minutes are copied below and attached.


Robert Voss, Greg Johnson, Kelly Christiansen, Mark Judge, Richard Hervey, Ron lee, Karen Rasmussen Lee, Scott Hessel, Nic Stevens, Omero Anguiano, Billy Gaskill, Bryce Downey, John Ross



Meeting start at 7:10 PM

-          Robert thanked Richard for taking care of the unexpected and late hour meeting venue change.

-          Robert ran the meeting without an agenda as is typical at the pizza meetings.


Member check-ins

-          Richard recommends against breaking a rib.

-          Bryce recently played a tournament in Florida.

-          Greg played Pine Nursery in Bend last week. Noted the new tee pads and changes, with more still to come.

-          Greg also noted that the club invitational in Blodgett has moved to April 27 due to scheduling conflicts with family events.

-          Scott talked about April Fools Doubles tournament going well. He says that he felt it ran too long but that he learned some things. Having the food truck come was awesome. Scott plans to do this again next year.

o   Robert needs to find a way for the club to have a bigger presence and do a better job with memberships and tags. The club did not receive mention during the day and I only signed up one new member and sold one tag.

-          Robert stated that Winter Handicap League at Willamette has ended. We had 21 players, though we only averaged a weekly turnout of 6 to 8. Robert Voss won the points championship, followed by Scott Hessel and Cole Stover.

o   You gotta be in it to win it!

-          Robert also mentioned that Sunday doubles continues.

o   Noted that Scott wants a separate agenda item for Sunday doubles

o   Greg explained that the club cannot financially support the ongoing $100 minimum ace pots. Further explained that when we used to be able to do this we had built up some money over time, and that we were collecting money from things such as mulligans as well.

o   I had already discussed this with Scott and we had decided to hold off on any more guaranteed minimum ace pots for now, at least until we find and institute another revenue stream to support it.


Officer reports

VP (Richard)

-          Discussed that our standing reservation with the City was “lost” and that the person who could deal with it was not in the office. Will follow up.

Secretary (John)

-          Nothing new.

Treasurer (Greg)

-          Account balance is at $2253 after spending $178 to fix mower.

Disc Czar (Greg)

-          We have some new discs, and some are fundraiser discs

o   Corvettes with special stamps down to 167g - $17 and almost half goes towards supporting the Willamette Open.

o   Firestorms

o   Barsby Roadrunners and Wysocki Star Destroyers, both available in super light weights, and both will support the Fill the Basket for Share Tournament with a $5 donation per disc.

o   This was done by Greg at his initiative and his own dime. THANK YOU GREG!

Adair green keeper (Kelly)

-          Tree protector boards are stained and one has been installed.

-          Showed the new locked donated to the club by a citizen.

-          AUGUST 4 is a MS150 ride, and there will be an aid station at Adair Park. It will be around the back in the loop, but there will be A LOT of extra traffic that day.

o   We’ll want to put up signs before the event to warn people.

-          John Ross discussed that we should look into getting back into doing more projects such as planting that benefits the whole park and all users

Willamette Green Keeper (Billy)

-          Talked about the tree clean up that was done

-          Setting up a work party for 4/20 (wants 9 AM) to move wood chips and do some mowing and weed eating

-          Billy will contact and arrange with the city on when and where and how we would like mowing done at Willamette. When last I spoke with Jeff he invited us to coordinate with him.

President (Robert)

-          Discussed that powder coat proposal was sent in over a month ago (as stated at last meeting). Did not hear from City for 30 days, so followed up last week. Still have not received any response or feedback of any kind.

o   Scott discussed that he would like to look into “making the baskets better instead of prettier” (he used better wording) by doing something such as replacing the chains, which he feels would be a better use of money.

o   Robert talked about how the powder coat proposal came about was more to do with the city upset about the spray painting, and their apparent inclination at the time to do something about it, including finance it. We didn’t come up with the idea, but were trying to harness then energy from the City to get it done (this may be part of the current problem with the proposal – it has been a LONG time now since the spray painting).

o   Robert asked Scott to go ahead and look into the cost of replacing the chains with heavier ones, and other options such as new baskets. Robert is not attached to the idea of powder coating if the club has to provide funds for it, but does want to follow through with already submitted proposal that asked for the City to provide funds and the club to provide labor.

-          Also said that the proposal for the kiosk renovation and honoring our champions was basically ready, but is waiting for some kind of feedback on the powder coat proposal before turning in another one.

-          Have not received any update on the Willamette Tee signs project (Sean Delohery). Will follow up and reassign if necessary.

-          Signed up the club as a tee sign sponsor for the Pac West Classic, a PDGA B-Tier out at Wheatland DGC at Willamette Mission State Park. More info on Pac West DGA at http://www.pacwestdga.com.

-          Robert let go of the disc drop boxes pet project I had. All research and feedback has led him to believe that it is not worth the initial expense and ongoing hassle, especially since we have Play It Again Sports that provides a service.

-          Also shelved the “projects needing volunteers” concept for now due to lack of interest. Other than a couple people who he was already working with on a project, he received no response at all.

-          Disappointed in the lack of reaction from the community thus far this year. Was really hoping to bring folks in faster. (folks chimed in that it is all normal, but Robert doesn’t set goals at normal). Hoping that the April Fools Dubs showing will encourage folks, as well as the rest of the tournaments for the year. To that effort, Robert will now primarily focus on being a tournament director and raising funds for the club, and continue to work on club outreach and profile. By all means, if anyone has any projects they would like to do or concerns, please bring them to him – he is just not going to look for more things to do until he has more help to do them.





Action items:


-          Follow up with City on future Tunison reservations.


-          Send Billy the contact info for Jeff and add him to the City’s list of people authorized to contact the City for club reasons (done).

-          Contact the City and coordinate the work party on 4/20 (get wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, pitchforks, weed eaters) (done).

-          Send Greg the information to send the sponsor fee to Pac West DGA (done).

-          Send Pac West DGA high res logo and short write up for advertising (done).

-          Follow up with Sean on the Willamette tee signs project and reassign if necessary (partially done).

-          Poll folks on whether we want to do a weeknight league. He already has solid interest if it starts after 5 PM, so might just need to wait a couple more weeks for more daylight.

-          Promote the fund raiser discs.

-          Start getting our events listed in the Parks and Rec newsletters and valley event guides.

-          Look into getting more keys for our new locks



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