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Greg Johnson

Good Summary Robert.
Please send me info to pay for mower rental. Send me portable toilet rental bill for Nate's event and I will reimburse you from the club account. That should give you more to work with for league.
Total membership is at 40 plus another 10 family members.
Scott donated 18 Discraft discs leftover from the April Fools doubles.
We gave away 15 discs for CTPs at the Blodgett tournament. 28 players. 
Greg won the Ace Pot

On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 3:16 PM, Robert Voss
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Attached are the May meeting minutes and referenced documents. The meeting minutes are also pasted below.


Meeting minutes, May 6, 2019

Willamette Disc Golf Club



Malia Mickulin, Marc Haerling, Robert Voss, Greg Johnson, Kelly Christiansen, Richard Hervey, Scott Hessel, Nic Stevens, Billy Gaskill, Mark Turley,



Meeting start at 7:05 PM

-          Robert ran the meeting without an official agenda as is typical at the pizza meetings.


Member check-ins

-          Richard’s ribs are feeling much better and he has played a couple of rounds. Headed to Whistler’s with the “old guys” on Thursday.

-          Greg’s work group from HP is having a picnic and playing disc golf at Willy on Friday.

-          Scott played a doubles event at Serene this last weekend. Reports the course is well groomed and playing great.

-          Robert played out at Dexter and Cottage Grove this last weekend. Reports that Dexter is well groomed and playing great. The Grove, on the other hand, had piles of trash at every hole. Seemed like the course well taken care of, but I could not get past the sheer amount of trash.

-          Greg also reported that there was no reservation for the room at Woodstocks. Greg will take responsibility for making the reservations for Woodstocks meetings (Richard will continue to handle the Tunison reservations with the City of Corvallis).


Officer reports

VP (Richard)

-          No updates

Secretary (N/A)

-          Position was vacant to start the meeting

Treasurer (Greg)

-          No updates

Disc Czar (Greg)

-          We have some new discs, and some are fundraiser discs

o   Corvettes with special stamps down to 167g - $17 and almost half goes towards supporting the Willamette Open. 9 left

o   Barsby Roadrunners and Wysocki Star Destroyers, both available in super light weights, and both will support the Fill the Basket for Share Tournament with a $5 donation per disc. 4 left of each

Adair green keeper (Kelly)

-          Has installed new locks on almost all the baskets. A couple need some TLC to get things aligned and the locks to fit.

-          AUGUST 4 is a MS150 ride, and there will be an aid station at Adair Park. It will be around the back in the loop, but there will be A LOT of extra traffic that day.

o   We’ll want to put up signs before the event to warn people.

-          Some baskets have been moved.

Willamette Green Keeper (Billy)

-          Talked about the tree clean up that was done. We didn’t intend to have the entire tree removed on 3. The City went forward without discussion and cleared the area.

-          Billy did A LOT of mowing out at Willamette (since the City had not done any at all and the grass was getting insane).

-          The City is supposed to be out there this week to take care of the mowing.

-          Lots of baskets have been moved.

President (Robert)

-          Have not heard anything from City on powder coat proposal. Considering pulling the proposal in favor of replacing the baskets.

o   The proposal for the kiosk renovation and honoring our champions is pretty much done, but I back-burnered it while waiting for some kind of feedback on the powder coat proposal (before turning in another one).

-          Sean has not had time to make progress on tee signs project. Robert will take over.

o   Discussed the progress with Houck designs.

-          Introduced a proposal for an organizational change to a board structure. Proposal document attached.

o   Will require bylaws changes. A document outlining the changes is also attached. Strikethroughs are deletions and red text is insertions.


Other agenda items

-          Mark Turley was nominated and seconded for club secretary, and unanimously voted into the position.

o   Robert will pass info/logins down to Mark

-          Greg talked about the invitational at his place. Went well. Course is in great shape and playing well. If folks want to go out there to play it, just call Greg. Plan to bring a friend, because spotters really are good on some holes.

-          Sunday dubs is still going. Club money is up to about $61.

o   Some of our club went to the Coast the last week of April as part of our new exchange program. Happy to say that the valley guys cleaned up!

o   The Coast club will be coming here May 26th.

-          Tuesday handicap league started off great with 12 people the first week and 18 the second week

o    I have a -$18 balance in my ledger at this time after paying for the reservation and portable toilet for the Sexton Shootout in June. Some of that I paid out of pocket so I have about $75 cash in my till for league.

-          Upcoming tournaments (bold are WDGC tournaments)

o   May 25 - Trilogy Challenge at Willamette (me)

o   May 26 – MVP Circuit Challenge

o   Jun 1 - Sexton Shootout - Adair (Nate Sexton)

o   July 21 - Fill the Basket for Food Share - Adair (me)

o   Aug 17 - Willamette Open PDGA C-Tier (me)

o   Aug 24&25 - Calapooia Classic at Adair (Albany Club)

o   Sep 21 - President's Cup - Adair (me)

o   Oct 5    - Vets Helping Vets Charity - Willamette (Robert C.)

o   Oct ? – Oktoberfest – Adair (Scott Withers)

-          Robert has authorized Richard to speak with the City with full authority and on behalf of the club. He will act as my liaison to the City.

-          Mentioned the new baskets project and what I found out so far.

o   Greg said that the club has authorized new tee signs and that it should be more important than starting a new project.

o   We will get the tee signs done before we further discuss baskets

-          We decided that it is better to come to meetings with thought out and written proposals so as to not waste time discussing.



Action items:


-          Follow up with City on future Tunison reservations. (I forgot to ask about this at the meeting)


-          Pass down info to Mark for secretary

-          Bring full proposal for tee signs to next meeting


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