WDGC May meeting and tee signs update

Robert Voss


Additions to the meeting minutes:
- Total membership is at 40 plus another 10 family members.
- Scott donated 18 Discraft discs leftover from the April Fools Doubles tournament.
- We gave away 15 discs for CTPs at the Blodgett tournament.
- There were 28 players and Greg won the Ace Pot.

Willamette tee signs update:
I will have a tee sign design for Willamette by the June meeting. I planned to have it to send out with this email, but the design is being tweaked and the bylaws specify that I have to give notice of a vote at least two weeks before the meeting - so I am sending out the notice now. I will send out a design when I have one that I want to show to people.

The June meeting will be the one opportunity to have input on the signs. We are not going to wait multiple months for meetings and votes to be able move forward on this project that is holding up my being able to work on any other projects!


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