Introductory disc golf classes

Robert Voss

Hello WDGC folks!

Who would be interested in teaching an introductory disc golf class as a volunteer? You do not need to be a pro. The club is going to host two sessions in September and January that will be offered through Corvallis Parks and Rec. I have already done all the paperwork with the City, and they are excited to add this program. We will plan to be at Willamette with a gym location available (through the City at no cost) as a backup if the weather is too much. We may also add intermediate and advanced classes as summer opportunities.

I also got all of our leagues and tournaments listed in the semi-annual Activities Guide that gets mailed out to Corvallis residents and is available online. They will be listed with our class offerings. At the end of it, we will have an entire page in the Activities guide devoted to disc golf opportunities in Corvallis brought to you by Willamette Disc Golf Club. I'm quite excited about this and I hope some others will be, too!

About volunteering as instructor: you will be a City of Corvallis volunteer and dealing with kids, so there is a super short application and they do a background check (free for volunteers). Each class session will run 2 hours over 4 Saturdays, so 8 days and 16 hours total. I am looking at Sept 14 to Oct 5, and Jan 11 through Feb 1. It will be after handicap league that time of year, so start will be about 1 PM.

Remember you don't have to be a pro to help teach an intro class - all you need is a good attitude! Whether you can help out one day or every day, we would love to have a few good folks!

This aligns with our club purposes of working with local governments to expand disc golf opportunities, providing and supporting opportunities for organized play at various levels, helping educate new people about the benefits disc golf, and outreach to encourage proper rules and etiquette among casual golfers. It also aligns with our goals to promote and grow the sport of disc golf, promote safe play and proper adherence to the rules, and to promote play by underrepresented groups such women, youth, different cultural groups, and seniors.

If this goes well, it could turn into something a lot bigger that would be good for the community and the sport of disc golf.

Contact Robert Voss if interested in helping out. Thanks!

Typed on my phone - sorry if some spelling or grammar is bad.

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