tee sign design

Robert Voss

Apologies folks. I still do not have the official tee sign design as of this morning, but feel like I need to send out something before the meeting tonight... Here is the tee sign design proposal. I had to modify this myself, so it is not technically the real deal.

The tee sign itself is 9 x 12 inches. I propose to use the existing 4x4 posts. The sponsor sign will be a separate plaque for easier and less expensive replacement. Besides what we can see in the picture, my vision was to get the vinyl post covers with caps to encase the 4x4 posts. It will make them both look better and last longer. As well, for at least the holes with pin locations that are not visible, I would also like to mark pin locations. I REALLY like how they do it out al Albany with a couple holes drilled in the sign and a lock to mark the position. Simple, effective, and relatively safe from vandalism. The other option I explored is doing the eye bolts for locations and bolt/nut to mark it like it is done at Adair.

We can discuss some more of this tonight, but I want to at least put out there that, primarily due to budget constraints, we will not be getting much more complicated or fancy with the signs. We may add a piece of information or change the color theme, for instance, but we necessarily need to try to limit it. All said and done, the current proposal comes in at over $100 per sign assuming all the 4x4 posts are ready to go.


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