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Everett wrote...
In another thread elsewhere in a galaxy far, far away, Jay wrote...
Was it Walnut Barn Park?
I seem to remember some event out there some-when, but here's what
I've been able to dig up so far on who was President and when/where
the Cup occurred. The first Cup appears to have been in either 2005
or 2006. How many years was Mark Martin the President?
Just found another tidbit: Mark Martin had asked me Aug 2007 to check
with Benton County Parks about hosting a tournament at Fort Hoskins.
I did, they denied it, and in Mark's reply to my reply to him with
this news, he said:

I had thought of North Albany Park, but have a few others in mind
as well. I could always just do it. Meaning, don't ask and just
show up and run the event, which is what I may do with a site like
Beazell (sp.) just down the road from Hoskins. That's what I did
two years ago at Walnut Barn (now MLK Park).
So, Mark DID run an event in 2005 at Walnut Barn Park.

1999-2001-ish Cris and/or Teresa Bellinger ???
2002 ?
2003 ?
2004 ?
2005 ? - Mark Martin @ Walnut Barn Park???
2006/09/02 - Mark Martin hosts the P.Cup safari-style @ Adair.
2007/10/21 - Mark Martin & Brandon Hill host joint WDGC/DGCA P.Cup
at North Albany Park.
2008/11/01 - Jay Sexton Pres, Mark Martin ran Cup @ Mary's River Park
in Philomath
2009/10/24 - Jay Sexton hosts P.Cup, possibly @ Fort Hoskins, Beazell,
or Walnut or...???
2010 ? - Jay Sexton ... ???
2011/11or12/?? - Everett Kaser hosts at Adair
2012/12/08 - Everett Kaser hosts at Adair
2013/12/?? - Jay Sexton cancels P.Cup due to snow
2014/02/09 - Jay Sexton cancels P.Cup due to wind and window-makers
2014/03/09 - Jay Sexton hosts 2013 P.Cup @ Bellfountain Park
2014/12/07 - Mike Storrs hosts P.Cup @ North Albany
2015/12/12 - Mike Storrs hosts P.Cup @ LBCC
2016/10/23 - Mike Storrs hosts P.Cup @ Sarah Helmick Park (maybe)
2017 ? - Mike Storrs ... ???
2018/??/?? - Sean Delohery ...???
2019/10/?? - Robert Voss (maybe)

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