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Bryce Downey

The old long and not used basket on 14 may lead back toward the covered area going around the thick tree/shrub area toward the picnic tables. Then a hole beginning at the bathroom area, leading up toward the hill top nearing the tennis courts. (14 leading to some site nearing the picnic area, 15 leading back up towards the tennis courts and the edge of the open field to the west of 13). Then 18 to its short placement or one alternate placement towards the basket of 12 along the top of the ridge. Then some new tee leading to 18 in the two long positions. Thus one new area to develop, others to divide up. A new practice area would allow a hole 19 with a tee along the ditch leading back to the current practice basket.  The area just in front of the cars parked in a row facing north could have a practice basket without intruding very much into the line of errant throws from 18. This would allow the long old placement of 14 to be a par 4 along with 6 long, 8 long, 11 long, and 12 on the stump.

Just some ideas that do not clash much with the current multiuse domains of the park. It isn't optimal to cross over other holes and this only circles across another walk path.


On Tue, Oct 8, 2019, 7:43 AM Bill Gaskill <billgaskill@...> wrote:
I think we've used all the collars I had,  but I'll take a look.  

Oct. 20 works for me.  I have some ideas that I've been kicking around for years. 

On Mon, Oct 7, 2019, 8:37 PM Robert Voss <robertvoss.wdgc@...> wrote:

I have slacked on this long enough and it is now time to make it happen. We need to generate ideas for temporary holes at Adair to replace holes 14 through 17 from December through February when the County is closing down access to that West oak grove area. I have backed myself into a small corner of time and now must necessarily move fast.

Since this is temporary and we are not sure if it is a one time deal, we are not looking to pour concrete tee pads, but we will need to come up with some kind of tee surface if we do not use existing pads or gravel areas for tees.As well, multiple pin locations is not a priority.

I wanted to meet this Sunday after dubs, but there is tournament out there this weekend, so that is a no go. I guess that pushes us yet another week before we can meet up... We will meet on Sunday, October 20 at Adair at hole #1 after dubs, so it will probably be close to 2 PM.

IN THE MEANTIME, please, come up with some ideas before the meeting. Even if it isn't for all four holes, or you haven't figured out flow, let's pool some ideas and then see what we come up with. We are not going to have a lot of time for brainstorming and testing ideas, so maybe go out there and throw some discs and try out your idea before the meeting. Maybe your ideas will end up being part of the tournament on November 9th :-)

This will be a one time meeting! We do not have time to have multiple meetings and discussions before I need to put a proposal in front of the County. Then we need to put in some concrete and sleeves.

Kelly, Billy - do we even have sleeves? I cannot think of seeing any and Greg wasn't sure, either. Might need to order something sooner than later to be prepared.

Feedback is more than welcome. Feel free to send me ideas via email if you cannot make the meeting. I'm kinda slow sometimes, so you might need to send me a picture and be explicit ;-)



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