Re: Adair hole changes

Richard Hervey


I probably won't make it out on Saturday.  Here are my thoughts on hole changes.

My memory is that the county, for now, views the closure of the oaks area a seasonal closing, that only effects holes 14 - 17.  If so we can treat the alternate holes as a winter layout, much like Stewart Pond.  With that in mind, I suggest the following.

Use several favorite Festivus holes, namely:
1) The south to north island hole, between the road and the baseball field parking lot.  (This would probably entail getting the county to post no parking signs along the eastern side of that parking lot.  I'd bet they would be willing given that not games would be going on.)
2) Last year's Festivus hole that went westward from the pump house area north of the hole I just mentioned, to a bump out in the parking along the north edge.  Again temporarily closing parking that doesn't get much winter use would be in order.
3) A hole from the first base area of the baseball field back to somewhere interesting that would take one back toward 12's tee pad.  (I don't feel strongly about this one.  I'm just trying to get a short walkout between holes.)
4) Either last year's island hole from the back side of old #13 tee pad down across the path, or the temp hole that took us from said path up past the bathrooms.  From either of these the walkout back to current #13 would be fairly short.


On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 9:51 AM Robert Voss <robertvoss.wdgc@...> wrote:

My apologies for missing the appointment to go over possible hole changes a couple weeks ago. I realize I'm not doing anyone any favors by losing a couple more weeks we could and should have used to move this project forward.

I will be out at Adair on Saturday from about noon until 2 PM, and then again on Sunday from 2 to 4 PM (about 2 PM, after the 10 AM random doubles).

This is the last chance and then it is time to get moving. I have a tournament to run next weekend on Saturday, but it will be full steam ahead at every opportunity other than that.

Come on out to the tournament. This is the one with free beer and no PDGA rules :-)


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