Festivus 2020 Registration

Greg Johnson

Hi all,

If you haven't heard already, Festivus is Saturday, January 25th.

Thank you Robert for setting up the Festivus event on Facebook.

I have mostly figured out a 22 hole layout. We will stay out of the oak grove by the road, and like last year we will stay out of the muddy woods. The mix of new winter layout holes and temp holes that circle through the parking area & tournament central will help the flow and average walking distance at the end of the rounds.

We will need 8 portable baskets for the 22 holes. I am looking for help with baskets at least the level of the Adair baskets.  Others/extras can be set up around tournament central for practice putting.  I need to haul a bunch of other stuff, so I will only bring 2 or 3 of mine.

I submitted the information to set up Festivus registration on 4discgolf.com
I expect it to go live at 6pm on Monday 12/30.

I only opened 64 spaces on line with 20 reserved for club members through the January 6th club meeting at Woodstocks.
I am looking for club members to contribute hot dishes and other foods in support of this annual event.
Let me know if you can't make the club meeting and want a spot, and let me know what you can commit to bring to support Fesitvus.

Sadly we won't have the long running Calapooia Sponsorship with the recent change in ownership. One less crock of chili too.
This will be a BYO beverages event. We will try to come up with a different Feasts of Strength competition, tossing the keg was fun but hazardous to backs and shoulders so interest had declined.

I am also looking for a couple of people that cannot play for health or other reasons and would like to help and join the Festivusties.
Everett traditionally tends the foods and tournament central but this weekend conflicts with his grandkid's birthdays.

Happy New Year Everyone
Looking forward to a Merry Festivus

Greg Johnson

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