Jan meeting, agenda, updates

Robert Voss

Hello all,

It has been a bit since I sent out an update to the email list, so here it is!

Our next club meeting is January 6th at 6 PM at Woodstock's Pizza. If you didn't already know, we voted to hold all 2020 at Woodstock's this year. The experiment of trying a new venue didn't work out as we had hoped. This easier than dealing with the City, and more people seem to appreciate the availability of food and drink.

The Winter Saturday Leagues start January 4th (tomorrow!). We have multiple options that can be mixed and matched, and changed every week as you see fit.
1.) Handicap League ($5 a week paying out $4, +$1 ace pot)
2.) PDGA League ($2 a week add on if want to get rated rounds logged in any division)
3.) Bag Tags League ($2 a week that all goes to the finale and next opener)
--- bag tags will go on sale January 25th at Festivus, which will also be tracked as our bag tag opener (the bag tag league option officially starts that day)
--- we will also have bag tags with no number for those who don't want the competition side of tags, those folks do not pay the $2 a week
4.) Debating on running a flex start from 9 to 10 AM that would require a 3 person team to start.

Sunday doubles is still going at 11 AM, though has been very lightly attended. Then, the Waterloo folks decided to run a doubles that starts at 1 PM - precluding being able to do both - which won't help. I am thinking we need to do doubles earlier, like 9:30 to 10 AM start, so we can be out of there about noon.

The tournament schedule is pretty much complete. Need input from Greg on April tournament, but basically done besides that. There are 10 as of now, with 3 PDGA sanctioned and 7 non-sanctioned. I am looking at adding another PDGA, but that is in the air at the moment.
1.) First one is Festivus on January 25th. Come to the club meeting to sign up, or go to www.4discgolf.com.
2.) Next one is the Wild Willy Ice Bowl on February 8th, which a fundraiser for Linn-Benton Food Share. Player packs include a nested mini set, choice of an Ice Bowl stamped disc, and a hot lunch! Find it on Facebook or sign up on www.discgolfscene.com.
3.) The rest of the schedule will be announced at the meeting.

Finally done with tee signs at Willamette! We added posts and 18 signs are installed.
1.) Also have etiquette sign coming from Dayna (will go above tee sign on hole #1), and a duplicate sign for the long tee on #2.
2.) I want to get post caps installed. I will need to cut off and level the tops of the posts, and will drill and screw the caps in place. Cost will be $60-110 depending on what post caps we get. Most of our club money is out and tied up in tournaments preparation, but I will get on this as soon as I can.

I am looking at some course improvements upgrades as my primary projects for the year, next to running tournaments and leagues. By and large, it seems most folks are participating in tournaments more tan anything else, so I will necessarily focus much of my time on running awesome tournaments, and lots of them.

Come let us know if you have any ideas, or even a smaller project that you are passionate about that I can help you accomplish on your own.

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All of this will be discussed in more detail at the club meeting. We hope to see you there!

Best regards,


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