Re: Upcoming WDGC Meeting - Do you have any agenda items to include for discussion?

Richard Hervey


I have a couple of thoughts on the topic of new courses and/or extensions of Willy - from the inside-the-City with City-Support framework.  Clearly there are lots of other options outside the City.

1) Talk to the guys who got Willy off of the ground.  Things may have changed in the intervening years, but probably not that much.
2) Review the Corvallis Parks and Rec Master Plan, to refresh our memories of where our goals and purposes align with the City.  Likewise, review our agreement with the City that states what we say we are about - and work to embellish our resume in those areas that align with the Master Plan.
3) Brainstorm some ideas to pitch to the City.
4) Get our data together on course usage, especially families.
4) Pitch the ideas to Jude and Karen, so as to get a read of where we stand, and to get on the agenda for the Parks and Rec board.
5) Pitch the ideas to Parks and Rec board, ask for what would be a path forward.  (My sense is that City owned open spaces are pretty much earmarked as natural areas - so switching to disc golf may actually require a vote of Corvallis residents.  Unless the City is about to get some new open space that hasn't yet been assigned a function.)

P.S. -  my memory is that most of the alignment between the City and us revolves around growing the sport and providing recreational opportunities for community members.  Also being able to close Willy for tournaments is a concession by the City to us, not something that they are particularly interested in.  Thus, if we are wanting a new course to better position us for holding higher tier tournaments, we may want to work with Visit Corvallis and the Chamber of Commerce to build up the economic benefit argument.
P.P.S. - my other sense is that the club leans heavily on only a very few people to do the physical work at Willy and Adair.  Finding out where the additional energy will come from might be another good initial step.

On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 9:39 PM Bill Gaskill <billgaskill@...> wrote:
2020 is a mighty fine year to build a new course in the valley (I say).  Let's talk about how we'll go about it.

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