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Robert Voss

Hi Richard,

Carefully now since this is going out to the entire group of over 100 people...

From a club president perspective
I've heard this idea mentioned before. The problem is that we don't have poles for every hole. Maybe half. It would be easy and cheap enough to make some more temporaries out of PVC pipe (would that hold up?) if we wanted to go that route. I do want to be careful with club funds since we already lost our club fundraiser tournament date and aren't running leagues, and who knows for how long. The club will not be taking in nearly as much this year but still have all the expenses such as the insurance.

My understanding of the situation at Dexter is that people were parking at and blocking the entrance gate and subsequently blocked access to the plant. Although, since it is a state park, the park was officially closed, the gate closed, and a notice posted. The disc golfers should not have been there at all, so that situation was bound to get shut down sooner or later.

For Willamette, the city parks department was contacted and they said they are not shutting it down. I have been out there almost daily. Yes, I play alone and sanitize the whole time and before I leave... I hardly ever see more than a couple other people on the course when I am around. I am not seeing groups of people out there except for very rare occasion, and they are generally spaced out. So, I don't think we're giving off as bad of an impression as some places have with loaded courses and/or in groups of more than a couple people who aren't even spaced out.

I have heard of parks in Portland and saw pictures of folks still out in groups, and not even just 2 or 3 people and standing tightly together. That is noticeable from a long distance and a bad look. I heard about the baskets at Pier. I do think it most likely that it was someone who specifically wanted to stop disc golfers from playing and it is not the slightest bit of a surprise to me that something like that would happen around Portland. Luckily, so far that is a one time occurrence that we know of and this is not Portland, so I think we can reasonably hope for the best.

My personal perspective
I will risk sharing my opinion. I do not support pulling the baskets. For me, the sound of the chains is sweet, sweet music. No tone pole or post and can setup (played both) can ever match the feeling I get from the sound of a good putt solidly hitting chains. I am a wacko - I full well understand this - but I dream of that sound. I know not everyone takes this virus seriously. I know not everyone is intelligent. Therefore, I know that we can't control everyone and some won't use preventative measures. As usual, the few could ruin it for all, which could be used to make a case to pull the baskets.

Anyone that knows me or sees my Facebook posts knows that I am absolutely taking this pandemic seriously, but I also fully believe that there is a middle ground between the group of folks that think it is all a hoax and don't want to take any precautions and the group of people that thinks we should all be locked in our homes. Disc golf is the only thing I really care about besides things like career and family and most of my exercise comes from it. It is an integral part of my life and my wellness plan. Can I live without it? Sure, if I have to, but in my opinion there is no reason that with the smallest amount of concern and common sense that we cannot throw and be safe. One could argue that, if it is safe enough for the authorities to allow all kinds of businesses to stay open, then it is safe enough to go outside and throw. I am back to work to run testing in order to meet manufacturing dates - a purely monetary decision. I noticed today that a shoe repair store was open. Essential is apparently totally subjective, and in my world disc golf and the sound of banging chains is essential to both my mental and physical wellness.

Another thought is that this is an opportunity for the disc golf community to be leaders. This is a non-contact sport and we don't share gear - except the basket. We have an opportunity show people that it is possible to be a conscious and concerned citizen and still enjoy at least some of our favorite things - just by being a little bit sensible. Like I said before, don't go out in groups, maintain spacing, sanitize after every hole and before you leave the course, and don't touch your face in between. That is really all it should take to be safe and stay healthy and not spread the virus.

This is an open discussion since it was sent to the group . All may feel free to respectfully chime in with well thought out comments that add to the discussion. We can vote on it if we get enough feedback that the group thinks we should remove the baskets.

Best regards,


On Thu, Apr 2, 2020, 12:50 PM Richard Hervey <r.e.hervey@...> wrote:

Per Bill Gaskil's recommendation, I have not been down to Willy.  So, I don't know how much use it is getting.  So, I may be off base. 

I do know that the state requested that the Eugene club pull the baskets from Dexter.  And I see that someone took it upon themselves to limit play at Pier Point by destroying their baskets.  Which leads me to wonder whether we should remove the baskets at Willy, but put in place the poles that usually mark the inactive location.  That way the baskets are safe.  And if folks choose not to honor Bill's recommendation, they can use the poles as tone poles, thereby not putting their virus particles in the basket.

What do you think?


On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 12:04 PM Robert Voss <robertvoss.wdgc@...> wrote:
Hey folks,

It likely goes without saying, but I will sadly say it anyway, we are still shut down :-(

The April meeting is cancelled, the handicap league ended while on hiatus, and Sunday dubs is still on hold through April. We'll start a summer handicap league and restart dubs after this all settles down.

Stay healthy my friends,

Robert Voss
President, Tournament Director
Willamette Disc Golf Club

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