Willamette tee sign vandalized

Robert Voss

Hello group,

Just an FYI on some recent vandalism at Willamette. Tee sign #7 was hit hard enough to break off part of it. These things are pretty darn solid. It was on purpose and hit hard. I've offered a stack of discs as a reward for info that leads to a vandalism charge.

Remember that sign is very close to the road and in the open, so not necessarily done by a disc golfer. Let's not have a bunch of speculation or affirmation of anger over the incident. It is not helpful and generates multiple emails to the group.

Please message me privately if you have something to share. Do not use "reply" or it will send the message to the whole group. Send to robertvoss.wdgc@.... Your information will of course be kept private.

The sign designer Dayna Reed has graciously offered to donate a replacement sign. Including the disc golfers code plaque and the extra sign for pad #2 long, this is the third sign he has donated for Willamette. He has my many thanks and I'm thinking on a special material thank you from the club.

In addition to replacing the sign I am going to buy some 2x2 or whatever fits and screw them to the 4x4 posts to add backing to the signs out towards the edges. Dayna recommended it and I think it is a good idea. It should at least make it more difficult to damage the signs in the same way in the future.

Apologies for the sad news when I don't have good to follow it with.

On a somewhat bright side, Willamette has already been touched with a mower twice this year, and I talked with parks on Friday who committed to getting out there. If we could just the club mower actually fixed or another one we could do a lot ourselves, but that is another frustration all its own. And secondary somewhat bright news, a little birdy says that Adair is not going to get closed due to pandemic despite what they have said all along. Although there is a paving project that is set to start soon that could close down the park road for a couple weeks.

Nothing official new on shutdown front. Looks like there is some possibility for groups up to 25 this summer if things stay calm. That is good enough for leagues and we'll work out how to run some non-PDGA tournaments if it happens. I know a whole lot of us are missing those parts of our disc golf lives.

I tried for good news. LOL

Regards, stay safe and healthy,

Pres Rob

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