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Robert Voss


FYI, we have voted in the 2021 officers,
President, Robert Voss
Vice President, Bryce Downey
Treasurer. Greg Johnson
Secretary, Mark Turley
As well, Billy will retain the Willamette green keeper responsibilities and Greg Johnson will be taking on the Adair duties.

The video of the final round lead card from President's Cup is out. If you have time, check out Scott Withers dropping an 1107 (official) rated round, a -16 at Willamette Park! We're sure it's at least a tournament record at Willy, if not a course record. Big thank you to Collin Hayden and CH Sports for getting this on tape!!!! And congrats to Scotty for putting his name on the Cup for the second year in a row, and in dramatic fashion!

If you haven't been to Willamette lately, then you may not know that the city has removed all the concrete pylons along the roadside that we used for out of bounds. Communications has stalled a bit so i am not sure what to tell you about when or what will happen in the future with the out of bounds. There is some string line for a temporary fix and we'll see where we go. Updates will come when we have them.

Adair will go to the winter layout on December 1 and until at least March 1 like this year. To be up front, the county has broached the conversation about the potential of making a permanent change and no longer using the west oak grove area, so some combination of 14 through 17 that doesn't go through the trees. This is not for sure, but it bears consideration.

Ran a pop up C-tier this last weekend. Turned into a 64 person event. No so little. Ha ha. It was smooth and we had a good time. Seems folks really enjoy a cheaper tournament and the personal selection of tee times and cards. We had no less than a dozen folks who it was their first tournament ever, and a few who had never been to the course before. It is exciting to draw another or more demographics, and growing the sport has and will always be a priority of mine. We'll have to do more of these kinds of things in the future.

We scheduled the club member only tournament tonight at the meeting for December 5. There are a couple other things going on that weekend, but there are a lot of things going on in December in general and it also has to work for multiple schedules. This is the day. The event has been created and posted on Facebook. Greg discussed setting up an online registration to help with some planning due to COVID. We'll see if he finds that necessary or not.

The bag tag finale is December 19th. We have 44 tags out, so I am looking at setting it up as 4 divisions for paying out all the money we have stocked up, about $700 at last count, ran by the tag folks come in with. Didn't quite make it to where I wanted, but COVID derailed a lot of plans this year and that's still quite a bit for a bag tag finale and only 40 people. Figure to spend $150 per division on payouts and $100 on some other CTP type prizes. This has also been created and posted on facebook. I am not going to run a pre-registration. We'll see who shows up that day.

I ran a poll on facebook and sent out an email about a glow league. I got good response on Facebook and a single response form this email list. I've decided to run a league on 4 night in November and December (12/10, 12/24, 12/8, 12/22) at Willamette at 6 PM. Willamette park doesn't close at dusk, but I do also have permission to be in the park after dark and run a glow league.

And lastly, I get almost no feedback from anything I send in this channel. I mean it when i say almost none, like ever. I hear from mostly from Greg, our treasurer who I regularly talk with anyway. It really makes me wonder if it worth the effort put into communicating via this method. Please, take a moment and give me some kind of feedback that you want us to continue using an email list. Communication methods and new communications plan are on my docket for early 2021.

It has been decided that the other big project for 2021 is going to be fundraising for new baskets. I felt strongly before, but only more so after the President's Cup, and the endeavor was supported at the meeting tonight. We will start with Willamette and then do Adair. This will be my primary focus, along with maintaining the high level tournaments.

I'm going to need help running leagues in 2021. Not asking anyone to take over and do it every week, but I definitely need to not be the only one. I'll still run point and then you just hook me up with a week off here and there, unless someone wants to flat take one over, which I would support.

Think that's all I have for tonight. Happy discing!

Best regards,

Robert Voss
President, Tournament Director
Willamette Disc Golf Club

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