New baskets!

Robert Voss

Hello all,

As promised in my not yet given presidential acceptance speech, new baskets is my 2021 priority and I have gotten the ball rolling.

For disclosure, I am looking at Mach 7 baskets because they are so much cheaper than Mach X or other top end similar examples. The Mach 7 baskets installed at Bryant Park are fantastic.  We can later choose a 'better' model if, somehow, it looks like we can raise the extra funds. This is where I am starting, with proven precedent.

As well, I am stating explicitly that we will buy baskets for Willamette first and then Adair so there is no confusion. I am running the fundraising for both courses from the start, but we will move forward with replacing the baskets at Willamette before completing the funding for the baskets for Adair. Still, the plan from the beginning is to replace them all and then some. We have various options for maintaining the extra basket locations and expanding to more and adding some at Willamette, but this will also depend on how the fundraising goes. The more money we manage to raise, the more we can do. Maybe we will get some great news from a government or manufacturer but I am not banking on it. 

First up for fundraising, we have a holiday sale with a club ornament and club apparel options. All proceeds will go into the baskets fund. See attached flyer for options and pricing. The options are limited, but so is the timeframe and supplies. We'll try to expand offerings next year.

Also, I have set up a GoFundMe if you would rather just donate: I can also take PayPal, and cash and checks if or when we meet. If you donate more than $10 let me know if you would like an ornament.

We will have a couple fundraiser dinners when COVID allows. The first was going to be this week, but, you know... I also have a couple folks that want to run a bake sale, but we'll see how that plays out after at least another week. Contact me if you want in on this. I don't even do carbs anymore but I'll be making batches of sugary delights for sale :-)

In addition to the above, I have composed letters for the City of Corvallis and Benton County parks that manage the facilities, as well as one for the basket manufacturer. I will operate as if we have no outside support unless I get solid confirmation it changes, but this is the first step in soliciting funding or donations.

As of now, I have sales, donations, and hard commitments for a little over $1,200 in cash or donated baskets, so we're started. I also have a couple businesses and personal entities that want me to contact them about a donation, so there is already more to come. I will keep looking for more ways to generate funds and I won't stop until we get there.

Greg Johnson will have a big announcement shortly regarding the club member tournament. Format will change this year and he is looking to use his course to generate funds for baskets. I don't think most can appreciate what all Greg does for the club because a lot of it is behind the scenes. His involvement has accelerated and grown since he retired from HP by taking on Adair green keeping, as well. Thank you Greg! Don't burn yourself out!  

We'll have more fundraisers and announcements after the first of the year, including a tournament or two specifically to raise money. I don't expect to be able to accomplish a lot before then with COVID looming and the holidays coming.

Though, we will not be looking at signage for sponsorships unless I cannot manage to get it done any other way, send them my way if you have a business or know someone that would like to donate. I think we have seen that I promote and support club sponsors in longer terms than just a tournament, so we can be assured it will be worth their investment.

Finally, let's all be excitedly patient, if that is a thing. It's a long, long road to $16,000 for little old Willamette Disc Golf Club. I do have some interim goals and milestones to reach and celebrate that I will announce when it is time. I will keep at this and keep everyone in the loop on the events and progress. With the great support of the other club officers allowing me to focus my energy, this (and tournaments) is what I am going to spend my time working on.

Let me know if you have any questions or contact me to order.

And the final note, remember the reply button goes to the whole group. There are links at the end of the email with other sending options.

Best regards,

Robert Voss
President, Tournament Director
Willamette Disc Golf Club

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