WDGC Invitation to Blodgett Woods Course - Kick off weekend

Greg Johnson

Hi all,

I have gone away from the traditional approach to hosting a club tournament and potluck lunch, which has been a Spring event.

See attached invitation to renew your WDGC membership for 2021 or join the club for the first time, and contribute to our clubs top funding priority for 2021, to buy new Mack VII baskets for Willamette Park.

I have move time in retirement, so I can manage making my course more available to club members as a benefit.
If I have some advance notice, there is a better chance that tee pads will get cleaned off.
There will be times when I opt to close the course, such as windy days which can cause hazardous conditions for falling limbs.

It is not noted in the flyer, but I will likely set up some sort of donation box for return visits after the kickoff weekend, with all donations going to Willamette Baskets for 2021. 


Greg Johnson

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