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Robert Voss


We had our club meeting this evening. Managed to cover a lot of ground despite my being ill prepared and then our having a surprise guest that threw me off the rails. It's not every meeting that Nate Sexton just pops in unannounced, and Coraline's just too cute!

First, BAG TAG FINALE. Please let me know if you plan on attending the bag tag finale on December 19. This event is likely going to need to change a little bit in order to satisfy parks requirements, and I want to know how many plan to attend. Bottom line, I'm not paying out every penny of the money we talked about early in the year if only a few plan to show up. It's just not fair to the people who respect COVID and wouldn't attend for a reason related to it. We're not discussing opinions or politics on this. I've heard it all, all year, so please don't even go there.

And then the big news, NEW BASKETS. It is accelerating. Faster than I planned, and faster than I would have imagined. Greg ran our club invitational this weekend. He sent out a message to the players, but I think he will also send one to the group and I don't want to steal his thunder talking about the tournament, but between the tournament and a matching donation, we raised another $1200 this weekend for baskets. One thing I can say, though, is that Greg's course was fantastic. He put in an awesome amount of work leading up to this and then running it for a couple days. Thank you Greg!

We have $400 in GoFundMe, a $100 check on the way to me (to WDGC), Scotty Withers committed to running a fundraiser tournament for a couple baskets, we have anonymous donors for $1500 cash, and $1200 cash from this weekend. That gives us about $4000, and we're just getting started, and then Nate came in tonight swinging a huge bat. Not only will he run a fundraiser for us, he has also talked to Innova about the top end baskets for us and it sounds likely can significantly lower our total cost for a better basket. Ongoing conversations and not yet sure exactly what that looks like, but it's all kinds of exciting. Thank you good sir.

There are still plenty of details to be fleshed out around baskets old and new. In progress. Don't ye doubt. I'm on that and a list of other things. Still looking for help if you know anyone ;-)

I also scheduled the MAJOR TOURNAMENTS FOR 2021. The President's Cup is set for May 22 & 23, and the WIllamette Open is set for August 14 & 15. Both are going to be B-tiers this year! I do believe that's a new one, to have 2 B-tiers. There will be some C-tiers, as well, though smaller, and then we'll run more fundraiser tournaments for baskets.

As well, our 3rd annual installment of the ICE BOWL for Linn Benton Food Share is set up for January 9th Registration is open on The Disc Golf Scene. There will be a day of registration available, but I would really prefer and appreciate it if you could sign up online and save some of the face to face transactions/time for me.

BAG TAGS FOR 2021 are going to be virtual and we'll have an online tracking system where people can enter their own scores and tag numbers. Probably get a small keychain tag with a club logo and bag tag league 2021 text (no number) for a memento. I can get those pretty cheap. I could leave space to add a number if people wanted to be able to memorialize the number they end up with.

GLO TOMORROW night (Tuesday, the 8th) at 6pm at Willy. $5 random dubs. Looks like the weather is even going to cooperate this time and not rain on us. The next two scheduled rounds are Thursday the 17th and Tuesday the 22nd. We might throw in another or two, but we're essentially done for the year after that.


Robert Voss
President, Tournament Director
Willamette Disc Golf Club

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