Fw: WDGC Invitational & Willamette Park Course Fund Raiser Summary

Greg Johnson

Hi all,

I am forwarding the message that I sent to all the participants and club members that were able to make it out and play the Blodgett Woods course this past weekend, renew or become club members for 2021, and contribute to our fund raising effort to replace baskets at Adair.  You can read the details below that interest you...

My course is going to be generally open to play for club members that contact me about coming out to play.
As long as there are not windy or other nasty weather conditions, I expect the course to be available to play.
This time of year through April is the best time to play my course before all the trees leaf out and lush ground cover starts competing with the ever present ferns. 
Next summer it will get closed down for while, for a timber harvest to create a more defensible space around my house, and once that is done there will no doubt be major changes to a few of the holes.

Some participants used the Udisc app and my course is now set up with a map in Udisc. 
We did not do the official scoring for what Robert set up with Udisc as a league.

I have red 3D printed next tee pointers on the baskets for navigation like Willamette and Adair, thanks to Mark Turley.
Mark and I have also talked about possibly making a 3D printed basket topper to add visibility.
Last week I put together temporary simple tee signs, white with 3" blue #s.
All the baskets have been numbered for a while now.

Let me know when you want to come out for more exercise than your normal disc golf round!
With a little luck and preplanning there will be a better chance that I can join you for all or part of the round.

Birdies for all!

Greg Johnson

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Hi all,

I am sending this update in BCC mode to all the e-mails I collected/updated this weekend.

Great weather and great turn out this weekend.
We had 48 players, which puts the WDGC membership over 50 for 2021!

We are off to a great start on fund raising for Willamette Baskets. 
$577 was donated over the weekend, and I will be matching that amount.
I will be tracking the donations, and reporting as a subset of the clubs account balances.
Robert has other basket funding commitments, and multiple club members indicated a willingness to contribute more so we are well on our way to funding this upgrade sooner rather than later in 2021!

The estimate is $340 per basket for Mach VII baskets. Maybe a little more for hardware compatibility which we will be checking more thoroughly before anything gets ordered.

Weekend Results:

On Saturday Devin Ross shot 49 (-7) and 52 which turned out to be the best round and two round total for the weekend (101).
Devin wins the Innova Bag.
James Brown shot 50/53 for 103 total, I shot the 53/50 with one round each day to tie James for 2nd overall, and 2nd best 18's.
James wins the Purple Proto Corvette.
Wes Winningham shot 56/51 for the 4th best 18 & 36 hole totals and 2nd best improvement between 2 rounds.
Wes claimed the Glow Champion Destroyer.

Jeff Harper to first place in the combined AM divisions shooting 61/55 for 116 total, and the best improvement between rounds.
Jeff ins the Glow Champion Sidewinder, and also won the CTP on hole 14 which wins him the Blue Pro Katana.
Marc Haerling took 2nd place with scores of 56/62, like me playing 1 round each day.
Marc wins the Dyed Champion JK Valkyrie. (most popular with 17 1st/2nd choice votes, but most of those peeps did not qualify for prizes)
Aaron Sunderlin had the only Ace for the weekend, taking the CTP for hole 13, an with the help of that Ace had the third best AM round with a score of 58 (+2).
Aaron wins the Maroon Innova Polo Shirt and the Pink Axiom Fireball.

Ron Lee shot the best round of the >60 guys and women with an even par 56, edging out Kim Halsey and Bob Burton by one stroke.  Ron also won the division CTP.
The Festivus Orange Glow Champion Firebird was 2nd most popular and I decided to award it to Ron as a combined award, since he had put both 1st and 2nd choice in that cup.
Kim wins the Pink Axiom Clash, and Bob won the Blizzard Dominator.

Other CTP's:
Ryan Hopson won the CTP's for holes #2 & #9. He talked me into letting him have the Glow Champion Firebird as a combined prize. Last night I decided to make the other one I have (172g) with Black foil available to Ron Lee as noted above.
James Leon won the CTP for hole #1. Since his two choices were awarded above to overall round scores, I went into my collection and found another 175g Glow Champion Destroyer that I can part with.  Nicer one too, a 2009 Beaver State Fling fundraiser disc with a rainbow foil!
John Buford won the CTP for hole #8. Similarly, his choices were awarded, so I went to my stock and pulled a 175g Blue Proto Corvette, since James Brown got the purple one.
I will save a few other items of limited interest this time around.

I gave Alex Peters the choice of the left over discs as a DFL prize for his round of 73.  He claimed the Purple Cyclone with the Blackberry logo representative of the original Willamette Park course.

I will put the prizes in the bag for Devin, to have them when I am out and about. Let me know when you want to come back and play my course again and you could collect your prize then as an option.  If in Philomath/Corvallis I could also drop off.

Overall listing of scores pasted below. I have not looked at what got recorded in Udisc because my old phone battery is dying.

Cheers all and thank you for the support of the club and our priorities for 2021.

We do have a club Zoom Meeting tonight as a first Monday of the month at 6:00. Details should be available on FB.
Someday we can return to club meetings at Woodstocks.

Greg Johnson

F Name L Name Division Round 1 Round 2 Total
Devin Ross Open 49 52 101
James Brown Open 50 53 103
Greg Johnson Open 53 50 103
Wes Winningham Open 56 51 107
Travis Pugh Open 55 55 110
Eric Smith Open 57 53 110
Ryan Hopson Open 53 60 113
James Leon Open 56 57 113
Jeremy Coulter Open 57 59 116
Logan Stevens Open 58 61 119
Rick Reichard Open 53    
Kelly Christiansen Open 54    
Josh Johnson Open 54    
Mark Martin Open 56    
Scott Swearinger Open 57    
Jeff Harper Int/Rec/AmMstr 61 55 116
Marc Haerling Int/Rec/AmMstr 56 62 118
Toni Sunseri Int/Rec/AmMstr 60 61 121
Robert Voss Int/Rec/AmMstr 60 61 121
Eric O'Brien Int/Rec/AmMstr 62 61 123
Aaron Sanderlin Int/Rec/AmMstr 58 66 124
Cameron Laird Int/Rec/AmMstr 67 68 135
Michael Spivey Int/Rec/AmMstr 70 68 138
Chris Singer Int/Rec/AmMstr 60    
Tom Inglis Int/Rec/AmMstr 61    
Ross Lockhart Int/Rec/AmMstr 63    
Sean Sellers Int/Rec/AmMstr 63    
Scott Austin Int/Rec/AmMstr 66    
Dan Rickli Int/Rec/AmMstr 66    
Chris Hohman Int/Rec/AmMstr 67    
Tim Geoghegan Int/Rec/AmMstr 68    
Toby Wilcox Int/Rec/AmMstr 69    
Trevor Spangle Int/Rec/AmMstr 70    
David Crayk Int/Rec/AmMstr 70    
Brian Baker Int/Rec/AmMstr 71    
Alex Peters Int/Rec/AmMstr 73    
Kim Halsey >60+W 57 62 119
Ron Lee >60+W 56    
Bob Burton >60+W 57    
Bryce Downey >60+W 59    
Bear Judge >60+W 65    
Karen Rasmussen >60+W 67    
One group of 5 players decided to play Wolf and are not listed above
John Buford no round scores Wolf    
Casey Lohrman no round scores Wolf
Lonnie Drouhard no round scores Wolf
Nate Dickey no round scores Wolf
Dave Lytle no round scores Wolf

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