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Robert Voss

Hello all, The 3rd annual Ice Bowl was a great success for a COVID limited tournament. And this year it was an actual Ice Bowl where it never got warm today!
Despite being limited on how many people I could let sign up, we still managed to raise $1137 for Linn Benton Food Share. That is also thanks to a generous donation of $200 from Greg Johnson, tee sign sponsorships from Fish Window Cleaning and Jay Sexton, and many participants donating back their $5 bill player packs. I'll also throw in the other $63 to make it an even $1200. Not quite as much as last year, but I am very thankful for what we raised, all things considered. Thank you for your support of Linn Benton Food Share! Goal #1 was to raise money for Linn Benton Food Share and we accomplished that goal. Goal #2 was to have fun. I received a lot of good feedback today on our casual version of an Ice Bowl for charity, so we also accomplished that goal! Sorry, I did not get photos today. Fail! Scores are posted on Disc Golf Scene at: CTP's won today:
1. Joshua Sand
2. Jeremiah Johnson
3. Carlos Garcia
4. Joshua Sand
5. Duncan Varisco
6. Lonnie Drouhard
7. Tyler McMaster
8. Marc Haerling
9. Eduardo Garcia
10. Brian McCollum
11. Daniel Aranda
12. Joshua Sand
13. Duncan Varisco
14. Nicole Fischella
15. Samuel Snider
16. Mike Gibson
17. Ethan Hartz
18. Mickey Anderson Next up, we see if we can agree on a tournament to run in February in place of Festivus. Sadly, Festivus is at least delayed because Benton County still will not approve any events in the park. We agree that it doesn't make sense to run a celebration of Adair Disc Golf course at another course, so it will wait. More to come soon. Handicap and PDGA leagues will resume on January 30. Still on Saturday mornings at 10 am at Willamette Park. You have the option of joining one or both leagues, every week. Cost is $5 for handicap league, $4 gets paid out to 45%, PDGA league is $2 a week to cover costs.

Bag tags will be virtual and tracked online this year, but tags are on hold until I run a finale for 2020. Not starting something new until I finish the old. I need to make that happen. I will get with Billy and see what we come up with. The normal note: remember if you reply to this email that it goes to the whole group.

Best Regards,

Robert Voss
President, Tournament Director
Willamette Disc Golf Club

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