Upcoming Work Parties at Adair and Willamette

Greg Johnson

I am not sure how many people follow this forum. I don't have the account to post on Facebook.
Robert, please repost this message on our FB page.

Yesterday, Robert and I delivered a load of bark chips to Willamette, material donated by Corvallis Tree and Lawn. 
It is so muddy by hole 1, 18 and the practice basket, we dumped the whole load there. Anyone can help spread those chips around to cover up the mud, around the #1 tee box, path off front of tee, 18 pins, and the muddiest walkout areas. 
We will work on getting another load soon and split the pile between holes 7 & 12.

Today I was advised by Shane from parks that "I am way behind on spreading gravel at Adair". A fun way of confirming he had gravel delivered per my request to gravel space by the #11 tee box. I had a good meeting and walk through with Shane last Friday. Encouraging news, is that one of the identified club responsibilities is to remove the temporary tees when the oak grove reopens. I think he recognizes the need for a bunch more infrastructure (concrete tee box construction) and clearing work to make more permanent holes. This will take some time, especially with our priority to replace baskets at both courses.

The gravel at Adair is mainly to replenish the gravel on the walkways bounded by rails. 
If we use it up and still need more, I will ask for another load.

Adair Work Parties - Wednesday afternoon February 3rd - weather looks best for next week.
Tentatively follow up work party for Saturday February 6th at 10am.
I will arrange to borrow the tracked hauler from the county and I will bring out my power wagon for moving gravel deeper into hole 10 and around the Berm to hole 6 etc.

These will be the times that we need the most people to help, but people can also contact me about helping on their own schedule. My number is 541-760-2372.

If you have them, please bring shovels for loading gravel or garden rake for working the spreading locations. Wheelbarrows that can handle 3/4 minus crushed gravel. 2 or 3 people to load wheel barrows at the pile, 2 or 3 at spreading locations and 3 or more Wheelbarrow operators.  The more people and wheel barrows we have the faster the pile will disappear along with some of the mud.

Work to refurb the walk out path from 10, as the starting point can happen anytime, without the power haulers, by anyone looking to pitch in. People willing to help should bring gloves, shovel, garden rake, wheelbarrow for Adair gravel spreading.

We are working on getting bark chips for Adair too.


Greg Johnson

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